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Canaletto was an Italian painter, a representative of Venetian Veduta paintings, as well as a court painter of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. In his works, he depicted famous Italian cities - Venice and Rome with their fascinating palaces, churches and picturesque bridges. Canaletto's reproductions from bimago faithfully portray even the smallest details! These paintings will adorn your elegant living room or restaurant. Canaletto's paintings and reproductions are the decorations that will make you feel the atmosphere of old times in your interiors!

Canaletto paintings

Canaletto was a famous Italian painter who lived in the 18th century and his real name was Bernardo Bellotto. The achievements of this master are very impressive. Canaletto is one of the most recognizable representatives of Venetian veduta painting. It consists in presenting a fragment of the city that looks more like a photograph than a painting. It is worth mentioning that Canaletto's paintings constitute an important collection in the pages of Polish history, as Belotto was invited to the Polish court by Stanisław August Poniatowski, where he obtained the position of court painter. The Italian artist took part in decorating the Ujazdowski Castle, where he painted frescoes and ornaments, which unfortunately were destroyed during the reconstruction. To this day, 24 vedutes have been preserved, showing the view of Warsaw and the Wilanów Palace. Canaletto's work is characterized by incredible detail, thanks to which his paintings were used as photographs during the reconstruction of the capital destroyed after World War II.

Bernardo Bellotto - paintings showing Venice

Reproductions of Canaletto's paintings are a great proposition for both an apartment and a business premises. Sophisticated landscapes will look good in an elegant restaurant or hotel room. The works of the Italian painter, thanks to the universal and timeless theme, will be found in a modern and classic style. It is best to expose them by hanging above the bed, desk or sofa. A good complement to the decor of the kitchen, living room, study or bedroom are works that do not impose interpretation on the recipient. Looking at Canaletto's paintings, you can notice each time you discover new details, as well as discuss the lifestyle of the 18th-century European inhabitants. Reproductions are an ideal alternative to old photographs from Venice or Warsaw. These unique paintings can now be found in your home collection.
Paintings by Canaletto Canalletto, as already mentioned, is known as the court painter of Stanisław August Poniatowski. Before he settled permanently in Poland, he stayed, among others, in in Venice, Munich, Dresden and Vienna. The paintings created by Canaletto in our country can now be seen in the Royal Castle, as well as the National Museum in Warsaw. Not everyone knows that Canalletto was buried in Poland, in the basement of the Capuchin church in Warsaw or in the cemetery next to it (however, his grave has not survived). Sam did not expect that he would develop his career in our country. He settled in Warsaw with his family when he received a 13-year contract from the Polish monarch. He is an artist who had a great influence on the development of Polish painting. For this reason, Canaletto's paintings had to be included in our collection. The painter took care of every, even the smallest detail, which can be seen by looking carefully at our prints. Check out the entire category of Bernardo Bellotto paintings!

Canaletto paintings

Are Canaletto's paintings suitable only for the greatest lovers of painting? Not completely! We recommend prints imitating the works of this great artist to anyone who dreams of an original wall decoration. The painting by Canaletto is certainly not something you often see, for example, at friends' houses. Look at Venice and other beautiful corners from the painter's perspective and see why he had to immortalize them on canvas. Canaletto's paintings will undoubtedly delight you with their precision, choice of colors and unique compositions. It is worth remembering that this thanks to Belotto, Polish historical painting was created, as well as painting of urban views, which was later continued by other artists. So don't hesitate any longer whether it's worth choosing Canaletto's paintings. The prints offered by bimago imitate the original works and are of very good quality - you will not be disappointed!