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Industrial Canvas Wall Art

The loft style is most often associated with shades of grey, black and white. However, pictures that fit this convention may contain the entire colour palette, and refer to the subject of the work or subtle details to the loft. They feature various interpretations of the motifs of concrete, metal, brick and glass. They can be included in various geometric figures, applied to elements which are seemingly unrelated to the industrial style, such as trees, or animals. Loft prints are primarily modern paintings, often also abstract.

Loft Style Prints

In industrial-style prints, we often find city panoramas, metropolises captured from a bird's eye view, soaring skyscrapers and industrial districts. As they are usually kept in quite dark colours, it is worth paying some attention to their exposure in the room. It will be good to choose the right lighting for them and hang on a light wall rather than a dark one. An industrial image, due to the fact that it is very characteristic, can actually be the only, or the main decoration of a room.

Prints for the loft, living room and office

Industrial prints seem to be the obvious choice for a loft. Many of them are in shades of grey and will fit well with raw interiors full of concrete, steel, or glass. For spacious loft rooms, it is worth choosing paintings with sumptuous dimensions, or creating real galleries composed of many works of art in a similar atmosphere. Anyone who wants to introduce a slightly industrial style to their living room can choose, for example, reproductions of famous Banksy works. Even one such printg will give the interior a unique character. A modern office will also be a good place to display industrial prints.