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Decorative Pin Boards- Corkboard Maps and many more!

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Decorative pinboards - a new collection in the Bimago gallery

News in bimago online gallery! Our collection became bigger! A collection of decorative pinboards - is a collection of fresh motives, printed on a cork pinboard. Colourful decorative pinboard would be a brilliant wall decoration for your home and office, moreover it could be very practical. You can pin some notes, or mark visited places on a cork pinboard map. In bimago online gallery, cork pinboard has a thickness of 3 mm and it's much lighter than traditional wall decorations. Thank's to it's light weight - decorative pinboard could be hanged anywhere in your home or office. Canvas print is applied onto a cork, as a result, print has expressive colours and every little details. This kind of cork pinboard is an interesting decorative element for any king of interior!

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Maps of the world on the cork - a perfect decoration for travelers

In a new collection of decorative pinboards - we prepared a wide range of maps: world maps, continents, countries and cities. Thanks to cork, you can easily pin all visited places, on the World map. This kind of cork Wold map in a big format allow you to pin some notes, souvenirs or journey photos. We bet, that it will be a favourite wall decoration of every traveler. Material, which cork pinboards are made of is extremely resistant and malleable, so you can pin everything you want, without a fear of destroying the pattern. This kind World map can be a wonderful, personalized decoration with a possibility to mark every finished and planned journeys. Moreover - decorative pinboard with the map of the World also has educational value, so we recommend it especially for child's or teenager's room, as well as schools, offices and language schools. Cork World map - could show your hobby to friends visiting your apartment. We recommend a collection of decorative pinboards, who appreciate modern, stylish and original home decorations.

Photo frames, organizers and other interesting patterns in the bimago collection

Decorative cork pinboard is a stylish and practical wall decoration. In a new, special collection of paintings on the cork, you can find stylish photo frames, organizers and many interesting patterns, which you can pin your favourite photos, souvenirs and any important notes. There are a lot of ideas - how to use this kind of pinboard. In bimago online gallery we have prepared many stylish and inspiring patterns: World maps, photo frames or schedules. Our new products allow you to easily give your walls, new, original design. Especially we recommend cork pinboards for child's rooms, offices and public spaces. Bulletin board, a place for the postcards or maybe photos of your colleagues - such inspirations can be found in bimago online gallery. Check latest collection containing interesting ideas about the decorative pinboards.