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Backpacks from bimago are a brand new product among our textiles. The lightweight and comfortable gym drawstring bags will surprise you with their perfect harmony of classic design and original prints inspired by botanical and geometric motifs! With the wide selection of patterns and colours, the drawstring backpack matches any outfit - whether you are going to work, shopping or on a short trip. Thanks to the wide range of motifs, cinch bags will also appeal to children and teenagers - and they make a great gift, too!

Drawstring Backpack

If you follow the latest trends, you surely know that a drawstring backpack bag is a true must-have. It complements many outfits, especially casual ones (although certainly not limited to them). Make sure to check out the bimago collection. It features uniquely designed drawstring backpack bags. We have taken care of every detail to ensure they are comfortable to wear while being very sturdy. It doesn't matter which rucksack you choose – none of them will disappoint you! It's a very interesting accessory that you can fit everything you need for your everyday life in. We offer both women's and men's backpack bags. There are plenty of unique designs and designer backpacks to choose from, so we do not doubt that everyone will find a suitable option. Make sure to explore each one of them.

Women's Drawstring Backpack Bag

The men's drawstring backpacks, just like the women's version, is meticulously crafted. It will come in handy in many situations. The backpack bag is an ideal choice, especially for shopping. It may look inconspicuous, but trust us, you can fit a lot of items in it. Moreover, a gym backpack women is considered an essential element of styling for concerts, bike rides, or rollerblading. You'll quickly discover its practicality. Every backpack for women is stylish, and you get to pick the design yourself. In our store, you'll find floral, modern, and geometric patterns. Additionally, the backpack for women can be ordered in various colours. So you can opt for a classic shade or something more daring – it's entirely up to you. If you still have doubts about whether to buy a backpack bag, remember that it's lightweight, spacious, and at the same time, eye-catching. Younger and older people happily wear it because it's not a trend exclusively reserved for the youth.

Men's Drawstring Backpack Bag - Modern Designs for Everyone

Drawstring backpacks, due to their functionality, comfort, and unique look, are great additions to men's styling. The wide selection of patterns available in the bimago collection ensures that you will find a suitable backpack bag for yourself. In addition to botanical motifs, you can find women's drawstring backpack bags with unconventional prints that perfectly accentuate individual style. This includes both geometric variations, which are timeless and universal, as well as more original patterns, such as the Cracked Magma rucksack.
The bimago collection also includes backpack for men with a comic book motif. The modern design, along with vibrant colours, creates a true explosive blend that brings joy and positive energy to your styling. Minimalists will also find something for themselves! In our selection, we offer backpack bags with slightly more subdued colour schemes. This includes options such as marble imitation or botanical patterns in black and grey tones.

Children's Drawstring Backpack Bag - Perfect for PE and Sports Activities

The accessories available in our collection are the perfect companions for every student! Practical, spacious, and incredibly comfortable, drawstring backpack bags are extremely popular, especially among the youngest ones. They are excellent for use in various places and situations! Their main advantage is the lack of a rigid structure, which often limits the interior space. The soft and durable material of the backpack bags in our selection allows for easy storage of items such as sports uniforms, water bottles, and shoes. Children's drawstring backpack bags also come in handy during school trips.
We offer products such as a women's ruck sack and men's ruck sacks in various designs and colours that will surely appeal to girls and boys of all ages or teenegers. Among them, you will find adorable animal characters, romantic flowers, and cheerful construction machinery. We warmly invite you to explore our collection of drawstring backpack bags and shoulder bags at bimago!