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Do you want to divide your space into smaller zones and, at the same time, beautify your interior with original decoration? Choose the boho screens from bimago! In our collection, you will find functional and aesthetic screens in boho style, maintained in shades of white, grey or brown. Boho screens are not only for rooms: you can also use them on the terrace or balcony! The boho screen motif of misty, mysterious forests, green leaves, birds in flight or peas will be perfect for the bedroom, café or massage parlour. Find your new wall decor with bimago!

Bohemian Divider

The boho-inspired style has gained much popularity in recent years, especially in interior design. The decorative elements in this style can include paintings, wallpapers and small details of decor, as well as larger elements of design, such as room dividers. You can spice your interiors’ decor up a bit with our boho room divider and create a unique space that will reflect your personal style. Such an element in any interior, be it a bedroom, living room, office or kid's room, can help you separate different spaces without taking up too much place in a room. You won't feel as if your interiors have suddenly shrunk down, and you will gain an additional space, hidden from the eyes of your guests and the rest of the family. All you need is the right Bohemian divider that you can find in various sizes in the bimago store. Pick a three- or five-part screen and renovate your room in just a few minutes - easily and on a budget.


Boho Partition

A room divider is a great solution for small flats where additional space for relaxation or work is priceless. You don't need to invest in a construction crew to put up a new wall. Instead, you might choose our boho partition to separate one space and create two rooms out of one. It will not only give you a much-needed space but it can also become a beautiful decorative element that will introduce the boho style to your house. In our collection, you can find room dividers made of three or five elements, so it's not difficult to fit them in any room. When you don't need a partition, you can fold a boho room divider and place it against a wall to create a painting-like decoration. See the whole category in the bimago store and choose a design you like. A boho chic room divider will introduce new, elegant trends to your house and help you create a unique space with style and chic. No matter if your place is tiny and cosy or large and spacious, a room divider is that one element of design that you will need.