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Wall mural for hallway

Wall Mural Red Border



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Wall murals for hallways

Taste in aesthetic of the apartment begins in the hallway. you greet your guests at the door and here say goodbye to them. You should think about the decoration of the entire passageway, so that it’s consistent with the rooms adjacent to it. A wall mural is a great idea for a modern corridor or hall decoration. Small corridors should be optically enlarged, preferably with light, pastel. Larger spaces allow some freedom in the selection of decorative motifs. Eco-style wall murals with a delicate pattern of leaves in green tones will enliven narrow spaces. A delicate pattern painted as if with water paint will visually enlarge the corridor and at the same time we will achieve the intended artistic effect. In the hall, motifs related to old streets, natural walls, windows, colorful flowers by the wall will also look nice, creating a romantic atmosphere. For those who prefer to welcome guests more formally, modern abstract hallway murals will be quite interesting, where the most important thing is a colour rather than a specific landscape or theme.

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Hallway wall murals

A hall is your apartment’s preview, it is a message to everyone who steps in: This is my way of living. With us and our selection of hallway wall murals you can easily define your style. Think about what colors you feel best, what style suits you? Classic, modern or maybe recently fashionable vintage? Style is not only a design, colours, it also consists of a lighting scheme and decorative accessories. Go through our offer of wall murals for hallways, you will surely find helpful tips there.

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