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Get to know bimago products

It's time to get to know each other better! Our decorations are more than just stylish accessories to enhance your space. Apart from their aesthetic value, they offer you a wide range of applications: they will be your indispensable ally if you dream of a quick restyling or wish to create a warm and cozy atmosphere within your four walls. They will also allow you to carve out functional areas in your house and, above all, they will have a positive impact on your well-being. If choosing the right decoration is a challenge for you, take advantage of our ‘familiarisation visit’ and discover the potential of each of our products.

long-lasting colors
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Hand painted canvas

The hand-painted canvas are the exclusive products of our brand and the beginning of our story! Our first wall decorations were painted by hand in a small atelier and we still continue this tradition today, just with more momentum - each hand painted canvas is made in the classic manner and to individual order. The paintings created by the hands of skilled artists are characterised by a faithful reproduction of the chosen theme. The materials used in the production also contribute to the uniqueness of this product. Our paintings are made from ecological raw materials of the highest quality: Italian cotton canvas and pine wood. We use acrylic paints, which show exceptional durability - they do not crumble, do not fade and are weatherproof. Not to mention their intense colours and striking sheen! All this makes a hand-painted canvas an elegant and classic decoration and an investment for many years.

A hand painted canvas also means authenticity. Each such piece of art, even a reproduction, is the result of individual creativity and talent. It is the human element that determines the price of paintings on canvas and the exclusivity of such decoration. We provide a varied selection of decorative motifs that can be painted on canvas. Acrylic paints are extremely versatile, so they allow us to reproduce a wide variety of motifs and techniques. Landscape, portrait, still life, abstract art? We are even able to achieve the effect of oil paints and reproduce the most famous masterpieces in the world! Acrylic paints are characterised by a beautiful colour palette and leave a velvety sheen that lasts for a very long time. The colours and brilliance can be protected and refreshed by covering the painting with our varnish, available at the time of placing an order. Our paints are fast drying and the process of creating a hand painted canvas has been perfected over years, so the lead time for this unique decoration is less than 2 weeks!

Canvas prints

A canvas print is an ideal choice for those who want to add a hint of style to the interior of their home or office. At bimago we offer various motifs, from abstract compositions to breathtaking landscapes. Each of our prints is made of high-quality materials and with the utmost care. Moreover, the printing technology we use allows us to obtain an accurate reproduction of colours and details, which makes the canvas prints true works of art. With a canvas print it is really easy to add class and elegance to any interior. Whether you want to decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office, our canvas prints are sure to attract attention and become an extremely decorative element of your space. At our shop you will find a wide range of motifs that will bring life and expression to your empty walls. Our canvas prints are grouped into collections to make it easy for you to find what you really need.

Canvas prints are also a perfect gift for your loved ones. With their elegant and stylish form and large variety of motifs, they are sure to redefine the look of any interior and to add a personal touch to the space. Landscapes, abstractions, flowers, vintage motifs, geometric forms, animal patterns - these are just a few of our inspiring collections that will guarantee a quick and effective interior makeover. A canvas print is an example of a compelling design that will upgrade your room and bring in an artsy touch. All you have to do is choose a suitable place on the wall and hang the decoration with nails or hooks. We also offer professional advice on choosing the right size and theme so that your canvas print is perfectly suited to your interior decoration. We invite you to take a look at our collections and give your home a totally new and fresh feel.

Premium canvas prints

Are you looking for a unique canvas to transform your interior? Are you a connoisseur of art and want to enjoy it in your home? Premium canvas prints are exactly what you need! Our high-quality canvas prints are the perfect way to enhance any space. Each print is made from high quality Italian cotton canvas to create a look that will stand the test of time. In addition, it is produced to order - so you know it's made with exceptional care and that it will arrive to you in perfect condition. But what really sets our premium canvas prints apart from the standard ones is the hand-finishing process we use. Each print is meticulously coated with a transparent gel, creating a beautifully artistic painted effect that adds depth and texture to your piece of art. The result is a glossy surface with a fine texture that perfectly captures every detail of your chosen motif. It’s a wonderful finish touch that will make your decoration really stand out.

With an extensive range of sizes and motifs to choose from, you can create an interior design, in which a premium canvas print will be an outstanding decoration for years to come. So why wait? Choose your favourite design from the dozens of collections available, select the right size and technique and enjoy your premium canvas print already now! Our decorations are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any room. Each print is stretched and mounted over a sturdy loom, so it is ready to be used straight out of the box – what more could you ask for? Our premium canvas prints give you endless options to work with when it comes to interior design. The use of a special printing method and additional coat of gel allows us to achieve results with unparalleled quality and look that will proudly embellish your walls!

XXL large canvas prints

Wondering how to fill the empty space in your home? If you feel that your four walls are lacking that one element which will change the character of the interior and transform it in a real art gallery - get to know the XXL large canvas prints! With these decorations you will change the look of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or studio in a blink of an eye! XXL canvas prints will give their best look in spacious interiors, such as wide corridors, open concept living rooms, as well as hung above your bed's headboard in large bedrooms. Still wondering why you should choose a large canvas print from bimago? Today less is more! By hanging one immense decoration on the wall in your living room, hallway or bedroom you will immediately add a shot of dynamism to your interior design. Do you prefer classic, retro, eclectic or maybe shabby chic style? No problem at all! At bimago you will certainly find something for yourself!

XXL large canvas prints are characterized by their remarkable versatility. They will exceed your expectations, regardless of whether you are a fan of contemporary or classic art. While exploring our assortment you will be astonished by an impressive selection of motifs and a wide range of colours – we are sure that you will find a wall decoration tailored to your style and the character of your interior. Dive into our vibrant collection and discover charming floral motifs, astonishing landscapes, impressive abstracts or incredible geometric forms! When ordering an XXL canvas print, you will receive a folding, sturdy frame and a high-quality print on canvas rolled up. You will be able to assemble the decoration yourself in an extra-large format. The HD print and UV resistance will keep colours from fading, so you will be able to enjoy this magnificent piece of art on your wall for a long time. Explore all the XXL canvas prints available at the bimago shop and choose the one that best fits the atmosphere of your four walls. Redefine the style of your interior with a real eye-catcher!

Round canvas prints

At bimago we like to surprise you with original ideas for interior design. Those who are eager to go beyond the scheme will certainly appreciate the round canvas prints. These elements are an attractive alternative to the well-known rectangular and square wall decorations. Thanks to their shape, they immediately attract attention and make the art contemplation much enjoyable. Round canvas prints are associated with classical portraits. In ancient times, busts of people, heroes or Greek gods were depicted in an oval or circular frame, whether on ceramic wares or in relief. In this way, the importance of the figures depicted was emphasised. Therefore, if you want to introduce a touch of ancient art into your interior, round canvas prints will be an excellent choice. Our collection includes also a lot of motifs with a modern twist: subtle mountain and forest landscapes, colourful floral patterns, abstractions, panoramas of stunning cities or street art. You are sure to find a decoration that suits your preferences.

Round canvas prints are stylish wall decorations that will allow you to embellish the most varied arrangements. They will enhance the look of interiors in Scandinavian, vintage or glamour style. The round canvas prints from our collection will surprise you with an enormous decorative potential they offer. You can hang them above the bed in the bedroom or above the sofa in your living room. They will also meet the expectations of those who dream of an unconventional and eye-catching decor for a studio, restaurant or hotel. A round canvas print, due to its form, may become the central decoration in any interior. It is only important to find a motif that matches the style of a given space and creates a coherent whole. Our round canvas prints, as well as other offered decorations, combine great visual aspects, high quality of manufacture, as well as UV resistance.

Paint by numbers

Bimago is a brand born out of love for painting. That is why we have created a product that will allow everyone to develop their artistic passion! Paint by numbers is a kit of all accessories necessary to create your very own painting! If you want to start your adventure with painting, if you like creative pastime at home, or if you are looking for an original gift idea - this product is just for you. Each kit contains a canvas stretched over a wooden frame with pre-printed image of your choice, divided into numbered areas, as well as acrylic paints in all the colours you need, 2 brushes of different sizes and a control template. Our step-by-step instructions will guide you in performing this creative activity and allow you to complete the painting in no time. Your piece of art is ready to embellish your space as soon as the paint is dry, and if you are looking for the easiest way to put it up on the wall, we also offer nails and hooks - available while placing your order.

Paintings DIY, like all bimago products, are designed for a wide audience. That is why the choice of motifs is so rich! You yourself will be able to paint a dance scene from Pulp Fiction, an elegant still life or van Gogh's "Starry Night" and decorate with it the walls of your living room or bedroom. It all depends on your personal style and... your skill level! Our products are available in three levels of difficulty. The easy ones, such as children's patterns or simple botanical motifs, can be painted in just a few hours without much trouble. They are also a great opportunity to organize a creative pastime with your kids! However, to recreate all the details of a warship on rough ocean waters, you will need much more time and effort! To make your activity as easy and enjoyable as possible, we will provide you with all the materials you need. The smaller paintings are printed on a thinner non-woven canvas and the large-size ones on a thicker Italian cotton canvas. Each canvas comes with a pine loom, so your painting will not require an additional frame.

Wall murals

Wall murals are a great way to refresh and revive any space. The variety of designs is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of our collection. Allow yourself to be inspired by abstract compositions, botanical motifs, geometric forms as well as realistic photos of landscapes, cities or animals. Wall murals with floral motifs are ideal for nature lovers and will perfectly fit the loose aesthetics of boho, while wall murals with abstract designs will be an interesting addition to modern and minimalist spaces. A wide range of sizes makes the choice really easy. You can opt for a wall mural that covers the entire wall, or for a smaller format that will decorate just a given section of the room. What’s more, the affordable price is a significant factor that attracts many customers. Compared to other types of decorative solutions, wall murals are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to enrich your home design without going over budget.

Wall murals combine both functional and aesthetic aspects to create a comfortable and attractive space. They are easy to install and remove, allowing us to change them from time to time, so we can adapt the room's decor to our needs and trends on an ongoing basis. Wall murals are one of the simplest, but also most effective methods to visually expand your space. We can choose a 3D design that will create an optical illusion, which is the best way to make a room look bigger. Wall murals offer also a brilliant solution for hiding the wall imperfections, such as unevenness or cracks. And let’s not forget about their durability and resistance to dirt. Keep in mind that a well-chosen wall mural has the ability to take any room to the next level. Dress up your wall with an attractive pattern and turn it into a wonderful work of art.

Premium wall murals

Let us introduce you the fascinating universe of our premium wall murals - the perfect way to transform a white wall into a work of art! Made from a thicker, non-woven fabric of 175gsm, our premium wall murals are designed to last for years. The thicker material provides better coverage, resulting in a flawless and even appearance of the decoration on the wall. Our large format digital printing technology guarantees that every detail is accurately reproduced, providing stunning, vibrant colours that will create the WOW effect in any space. Our premium wall murals are available in a wide range of designs and styles, from breathtaking landscapes to unique abstract art and 3D optical illusions. Immerse yourself in our extraordinary collection and treat yourself to a bit of luxury while making your home interiors look stylish and elegant.

Our premium wall murals are also incredibly fast to install. Each product comes with complete and easy-to-follow instructions, so no excuses: no special skills are required! The wall mural is divided into 50 cm wide strips, so the whole process requires only a bit of patience and precision. The thicker material means that the wall mural will not tear or wrinkle during installation. Premium wall murals are the ideal solution for those who appreciate the highest quality at the best possible value. A wall mural with some impressive design and colours will give your walls a dynamic feel - your guests will surely be in awe upon seeing a new look of your interior. Thanks to a premium material applied on a sturdy paper base, they are resistant to moisture and easy to keep clean. With our premium wall murals, you can transform any room into a beautiful, unique space that reflects your personal style!

Self-adhesive wall murals

Do you feel that your walls could use a little makeover? Are you considering updating your home decor, but you want to avoid a long and expensive redecoration? At Bimago we have the perfect solution for you – our fantastic self-adhesive wall murals! An easy-to-install product that is also a cheap and effective alternative to painting your walls or to a major renovation. A self-adhesive wallpaper from bimago is the best way to improve your home on a budget and to give it a stunning transformation in just one evening. All of our patterns are available in two versions – as a non-woven wall mural or a self-adhesive one. Many of our clients prefer the second option, as they don’t need to use additional glue during the installation. Our wall murals are made of safe, odourless material, so you can use them both in the kitchen and in the children's room. HD print and UV resistance guarantee colour fastness, so you can install the decoration even in a sunny part of your home without stress.

Why is a self-adhesive wall mural from bimago the best choice for my interior? Self-adhesive wall mural is a quick and convenient way to revive the look of your walls. The wide range of colours will allow you to find a decoration perfectly tailored to any space you want to enhance. Remember that at bimago we also have plenty of wall mural patterns suitable for embellishing children's rooms, as well as motifs designed with teenagers in mind! Geometric, floral and plant motifs, abstracts, landscapes or 3D patterns are just some of our suggestions. Whether you are a fan of classic style, minimalism or you feel comfortable surrounded by vivid colours, glamour and original combinations - at bimago we have a wall mural that is right for you! Don't wait any longer and dive into the gallery of self-adhesive wall murals at bimago, choose the design you like best and enjoy your refreshed interior for a long time!


No idea how to bring life to a plain wall in your home or office? Wondering how to transform your space with a little effort? Choose posters that will easily give your interior a completely new character. Posters, available in our collection, are very diverse: abstract and geometric compositions, landscapes, flowers, botanical or animal patterns or even world maps. You will certainly appreciate not only the visual qualities, but also the practical advantages of these decorations – you can hang it or simply lean against the wall on a shelf or a chest of drawers. When you feel it’s time to restyle your space, it is also very easy to move them from one place to another. When choosing a poster at bimago, you should also think about the right frame, which will additionally make your wall decoration stand out. A gold or silver frame will be perfect for interiors in glamour style, while for Scandinavian arrangements we recommend mainly frames in white or black.

Posters are versatile decorations, suitable for practically any space. It is an easy and quick way to decorate your living room, dining room or kid's room. A well-chosen poster can be a perfect solution not only to refresh your interior, but also to emphasise your hobbies, passions, personality or attitude to life. It can also be a design element of an office space, lobby, waiting room or catering establishment. Posters are an attractive alternative to canvas prints. They are easier to perceive, but no less impressive. It can be an interesting idea to create your own wall gallery with posters that share a common theme or colour scheme. Posters are also a great gift idea for all occasions. Keep in mind that our posters stand out for their high quality and durability. Our decorations will serve you for a long time!

Room dividers

Organising and dividing the space into functional areas are challenges that many people face when arranging a living or office space. In this case, room dividers come to the rescue. However, those who think that these elements have only a practical function, will be very surprised. Modern room dividers are also one-of-a-kind decorations that will enhance the visual value of any space. While browsing our collection, you will discover different faces of room dividers. You can choose among various options: one-sided or double-sided ones, as well as Japanese or soundproof ones. Each room divider consists of 3 or 5 parts. We offer an extensive range of motifs: floral patterns will fill your interiors with freshness, while elegant abstractions will enhance the look of the most representative interiors. Landscapes, whereas, inspired by Japan or tropical islands will emphasize your passion for travel and make you long for distant destinations.

How do you use room dividers in your interior design? There are indeed countless ways. It all depends on your needs and your imagination. With room dividers, you can, for example, separate your kitchen area from the living room. A well-chosen product will also allow you to carve out independent office corners for two people in the same room. Functional room dividers are ideal for small interiors, such as studios, where it is very important to have a well-thought-out space. In addition, they help you to cover up less aesthetically pleasing elements of your interior, so that they cannot be seen by your visitors. All of our room dividers are made of solid wood, to which we have added a non-woven canvas. We guarantee that you will be very satisfied with the high quality of manufacture. Check out our collection and create a functional space with our room dividers!


Our textiles are the quintessence of what we all seek in interior design: a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The unique motifs, created by a team of talented designers, have much more potential than just making the most of your wall space. We have made sure that every element of your home gets a chance to be decorated: your table will be adorned with traditional tablecloths or modern runners, your bed or sofa will receive a hint of cozy with classy cushions, and your windows will be wrapped in elegant curtains. And we haven't forgotten about you, either, because in our textile collection you will find stylish rucksacks and bags that will add a unique touch to any look. Changing or adding textiles to your interior is the fastest and cheapest way to turn it into something spectacular - including a seasonal one to match the weather outside the window. Not only will they provide you with a unique aesthetic experience, but they will also take care of your comfort by giving the room warmth and cosiness.

The bimago textiles are distinguished by their captivating design, which is an eye-catcher and gives the space a completely new character. The print on the high-quality fabric is characterised by durable colours and precise reproduction of the smallest details. Beauty is an extremely subjective concept, which is why we have opted for diverse motifs and chromatic combinations in our range. Therefore, you can easily match such a decorative element to the design style that dominates your home. Our textiles have another undeniable advantage: they can be incorporate into your interior in a matter of minutes, and your decorated space will help you to feel calm and relaxed. Among the countless motifs available in our shop, you are sure to find a decoration that meets your aesthetic expectations and allows you to conjure the right mood in your interior.