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Industrial Posters

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Industrial art print

Industrial interiors are in fashion right now. Their enthusiasts are countless thanks to focusing on open and spacious rooms as well as unconventional design techniques. The origins of the style stretch back to the 1950s. At that time, people in the US struggled with a massive recession which resulted in a great number of deserted factories and industrial zones. These places were soon transformed into places to live. Now we want to reproduce their spirit with our series of industrial art prints. They are dedicated to the ambitious and creative who value modern lifestyle and unusual home decorations.

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Loft posters

Characterised by austerity and simplicity, the industrial style amazes with one of their kind wide-windowed lofts as well as concrete and metal elements. Whether you feel like refurbishing your room with accessories in modern and functionally minimalistic style or maybe you want to create a unique atmosphere that reminds of large factory floors, our collection of loft posters provides ideal decorations for your living room. Hang one of them in your apartment to feel like you were living in a real loft.

Industrial style posters

Neutral shades and geometric themes lie at the heart of bimago’s collection of industrial posters. Arrange one of them with simple metal frames to create an original combination in your home. With such a composition, your room will get a more stylish and extravagant look. One of bimago’s poster themes is the depiction of the passing time closed inside large factories. Such images became typical of the industrial style. Projects inspired by the climate of old factories, metal construction elements and austere decorations will complement industrial interiors. What is more, industrial art prints work well as gifts thanks to their unique but at the same time, universal themes. Whoever gets such a gift, will be all smiles.

Loft posters

Loft style comes from the 1950’s New York. To be more precise, it was born in Manhattan. A large circle of artists saw great potential in the simple, stark structure of the loft which reminds of a minimalistic approach. Highly acclaimed around the globe, this style offers a perfect alternative for novelty-seekers who feel like experimenting with a form in their new apartments. In bimago’s collection, there is a whole series of interesting and original posters that will help you refurbish your interiors, and they will add a unique loft character to your apartment. Posters depicting New York streets and the panorama of the Greatest City became iconic elements of the loft style. Abstract prints that somehow remind of the nocturnal graphics from Woody Allen’s films seem to be a must when decorating industrial interiors.
Lofts look good with glamour decorations as well. Fancy or even elegant embellishments in black or gold will prove to be perfect accessories for your room. When put against bricks and cement walls in a bedroom or a living room, our loft posters will add a spark of striking originality.

Loft art prints

Lofts are commonly known for their original and yet stark elements like bricks, bare walls, concrete, sticking-out installations and pipes. To make them stand out, you should create a unique atmosphere in the whole room. In bimago’s offer, you will find loft posters in bold, vivid colours. Our art prints are full of contrasts and inspirational motifs. Panoramic views of the city, metallic pattern designs and monochromatic prints are all you need to transform your apartment. Thanks to bimago’s collection, you will feel as if you were roaming around the streets of the 1970’s New York or were helping Andy Warhol in his studio. It is time to have interiors of your dreams!
So, are you keen on original forms? Do you like to break the rules and think outside the box? Or maybe you know someone who does? Having your needs in mind, we created a collection of loft posters that will certainly meet your expectations. Their irregular forms, extraordinary motifs, geometric patterns and contrasting shapes will win over fans of avant-garde interiors. They are also great as a gift. Everyone fond of the original design will take to our loft art prints.