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AI meets the classic Bimago Art Collection

INSPIRED BYVincent van Gogh

AI meets the classic
AI meets the classic AI meets the classic

AI meets the classic

Have you ever wondered what Picasso would paint today? What worlds would Dali or Van Gogh show us with access to artificial intelligence? Thanks to AI, we have reinterpreted the works of great painters and created new paintings that revive the style of the masters and blur the boundaries between tradition and innovation. Our collection is also a tribute to the passion and imagination of the great artists who never fail to inspire. Discover this exciting collection, in which we combine the heritage of art with the technology of tomorrow.


INSPIRED BYWassily Kandinsky

The next Kandinsky
AI meets the classic

INSPIRED BYSalvador Dalí


Ezra Pound
AI meets the classic AI meets the classic

INSPIRED BYPablo Picasso

INSPIRED BYLeonardo da Vinci

Between science and art
AI meets the classic


The AI meets the classic

Our AI meets the classic collection is a unique selection of canvas prints, posters, and wall murals inspired by the styles of the great masters of painting. We decided to find out how AI art can develop artistic traditions and created a series of canvas prints generated by AI that redefine the masterpieces of art. It is with great pleasure that we show you the result of our efforts, namely our extraordinary AI canvas prints! These are a tribute to Picasso, Monet, Kandinsky, Salvador Dali - it's an art in which the classic meets the latest technology, allowing us to play boldly with the legacy of traditional painting. If you are looking for an original wall decoration, opt for canvas prints, XXL canvas prints, wall murals, and posters from our latest collection that will immediately add a shot of elegance and freshness to your home!

Artificial intelligence
canvas prints

Are you wondering what artificial intelligence canvas prints are? In our collection, they express the fusion of new tools with the art of the past. AI Monet, AI Picasso, AI Kandinsky in the form of canvas prints, posters, wall murals, and XXL canvas prints represent a reinterpretation of immortal paintings that offer us something new and at the same time extremely familiar. The AI meets the classic collection at bimago is also a tribute to those who painted with passion and their own style, giving us a legacy that still stirs the world's imagination today. AI art creates new compositions inspired by the most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh, which would not be possible without the unique combination of tradition and technology.