While the kitchen is considered the heart of a home, the hallway or corridor is the hallmark. The living room or lounge often serves a representative function in our houses and apartments - and for many of us, the bedroom will always be the favourite room in the house! Each room in our house has its purpose - and each interior, in our opinion, deserves an appropriate setting and decoration. The bimago expert team has prepared a unique guide for you, with which you can arrange the space within your four walls - step by step, bit by bit, room by room!

living room

Living room

Whether your living room is a separate room or a room with a kitchenette, this is the space where we receive guests and spend free time with family and friends. It has to be representative enough to impress our visitors but primarily serves a social purpose - it is to be shared and enjoyed. Its décor and furnishings should be unique yet cosy to make each family member feel comfortable. Depending on the furniture and colours, wall decorations can either be a strong accent that brightens up the space or, on the contrary, the décor can soothe and bring harmony and aesthetic balance. Here are some inspirations from bimago!

newborn room

Newborn room

A baby's room must meet a number of small standards to become a safe and functional space. However, nothing will give the interior as much style and charm as the baby nursery decorations, which bimago has a wide range to offer! Every mother-to-be dreams of a beautiful nursery full of charming decorative accessories. However, we should choose the decorations to suit the needs of the little one at each stage of their development. A wall is the pure canvas on which we can realise our decorative fantasies! Wall decorations are safe: they won't get in the way, they won't cause a bump while your baby is learning to walk, and they can't be swallowed - which is exactly what a baby's room needs! We will show you how to create a functional and beautiful space for your little one. Read on!