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50 x 50 cm posters with frame

A 50 x 50 poster is a brilliant equivalent of a window. Wherever you place it, you can always enjoy the breath of fresh air that it brings into the room. Regardless if you pick a vivid image of a parrot or a toned panorama depicting a beach sunset, the room will never be the same. The square size of our posters can make all the difference. A single poster placed on a living room wall will give it that unique, stylish touch. Three or more posters arranged in a gallery will give the room a spacious touch, adding a feel of more square meters. Another design idea is placing two of our poster 50x50 images next to each other. Depending on your choice, you can brighten the space with two colourful paintings from our collection, bring balance and peace to it with two toned images or give the room an intriguing, fresh look with two different posters of your choosing. Size does matter. A poster 50 x 50 from bimago's collection will be a perfect detail for spacious interiors like living rooms or bedrooms. The decision is yours, whether to place a single poster 50 x 50 cm, two of them, three or more. A gallery made of our posters can make all the difference. Modern interior design loves square details. A 50 x 50 poster placed above the coffee table or sofa can add that missing piece to the design puzzle. You will be amazed how a simple poster can change the room atmosphere. In a second or two the living quarters gain new, positive energy! Kids rooms are another space where you can place a 50 x 50 poster from our collection and enjoy the view. You can rest assured that with every poster from our website your child’s room will benefit. Not only by creating a play room full of life but by giving your kid a thing to remember for the rest of his life.