Sage green is a pale green tone that refers to the namesake herb, renowned for its many benefits. Its scent has a calming effect, but when used as a spice it gives dishes an intense flavour. Sage green in interior decoration works in a similar way: it creates a sense of calm and works as a neutral base for other accessories. At the same time, unlike white or beige, it is an invigorating colour accent. Feel the relaxing power of nature with the bimago collection!

The Sage Green collection is inspired by the natural properties of this beneficial herb and its grey-green colour. Like sage in aromatherapy, this subdued tone works on our senses to reduce stress. This is why a sage-coloured bedroom is such a great idea. A real oasis of calm will be provided by sage-coloured wallpaper behind the bed, especially a soothing sage green wallpaper with a floral motif. But the Sage Green trend is not just about serenity. It is timeless, and it stands out among traditional neutral hues. This shade of green can be a dynamic accent on furniture, textiles or as part of a table decoration. Sage colour in the living room can be introduced by adding accessories such as botanical posters, decorative cushions, botanical canvas prints and botanical pattern wall murals.