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Modern living room wallpaper ideas

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Living room lounge wallpaper

If you’re looking for some fresh living room wallpaper ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Decorating and redecorating requires copious amounts of creative thinking while having a big picture in your mind at all time. In order to fuel that effort, we prepared some ideas, based on our early 2020 trends review that are going to make a blast in your interiors.

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Modern living room wallpaper ideas

If you value stylish and durable solutions - go for modern wallpaper designs for living room. Contemporary wall decorations give great arrangement possibilities. You don't have to apply it in the entire room - just put the sheet on one of the walls or skillfully arrange its fragments within the interior. Paint the remaining walls of the room with your chosen paint that matches your wallpaper. In this simple way you can achieve a spectacular effect. The decorative motif in living room wallpaper will attract the eyes of guests and will become a central ornament, to which it is enough to choose simple furniture and accessories.

3d living room wallpaper feature wall

Now, if it’s a futuristic, minimal or industrial style that you want to go for, 3d wallpaper for living room is your perfect choice. Such a decor piece surely won’t go unnoticed. With a proper arrangement of all the other parts of the room you can achieve harmony in the interior and a stunning decoration effect. What is the difference between 3D wallpaper and classic one? Well, the main difference is that 3D gives the illusion of space, which can visually enlarge your room. It will seem to everybody in the room that the picture on the wall has a real depth. 3D wallpaper belongs to modern living room wallpaper ideas. It is a bold move in arranging your interior bur if you have a consistent approach to it and if you are aware of the impact of other decor features, you might expect your guests to confuse your living room with a modern art gallery.

Front room wallpaper in silver, teal, grey, black and blue cold colours

Boost your interiors with our stunning range of front room and lounge wallpaper. Whether you're planning a makeover or it’s a new property, a new roll of wallpaper on your feature wall is the perfect starting point. Front room wallpaper is a great way of showing your personal taste or décor that matches your new or refreshed furniture. Do you think that your interior is a bit too blunt? Add some contrast of strong, eye-catching wallpaper in colour like teal or blue. Do you need a bit more calmness in your front room? Silver or grey will do the job. A stylish accent on the wall thanks to an interesting wallpaper will help you in creating a unique and personalized look.

Best wallpaper for living room inrose gold, pink, yellow gold, cream, beige, brown or red warm tones

Living room is where family gets together and memories are made. You might want to give those good moments a charming backdrop with a colourful living room wallpaper. Wallpaper in the living room works best if it is adjusted to the character and atmosphere of the interior. If your living room is more formal, cream, beige or brown goes nice in it. A space that is optimal for get-togethers, more casual and good for lounging, bright colours like yellow gold or pink can perfectly accentuate it. The best wallpaper for the living room should underline the scenery for everything good that happens in your everyday life.

Unusual brick or geometric wallpaper for lounge

There is this peculiar charm that a brick wall has when combined with wooden floor or metal elements of furniture. It gives a sense of rawness yet still looks cozy and warm. If you are a fan of red brick you don’t have to peel the plaster off the walls in search of it. Just pick your favorite pattern of our brick wallpaper living room. Brick and industrial wallpapers remain one of our most popular wallpaper designs - perfect for adding an textural dimension to a creative, fresh and modern living area. It also works perfect as a backdrop with posters and art works hanging on it.

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