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Martin van Meytens




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Canvas Print Francis I
Are you interested in paintings depicting court life? Do you eagerly choose portraits that bring the atmosphere of the bygone eras back to life? Don't miss the reproductions of the canvas paintings created by Martin van Meytens - a Swedish-Austrian painter, creating in the 18th century. Among his most famous pieces of art, you will find a portrait of Marie Antoinette or the Roman emperor, Francis I. The bimago reproductions of Martin van Meytens will perfectly suit the Baroque-inspired interiors, but they can be easily used in eclectic spaces, which combine the contemporary and glamour styles.

Paintings by Martin van Meytens

Martin van Meytens was born in 1695 in Sweden, but he associated his artistic life with Austria and the Viennese aristocracy. He became famous there as an outstanding portraitist, best evidenced by his role as the court painter of the then rulers. During his service at the court, he painted, among others, images of Marie Antoinette, Maria Theresa and the Roman Emperor Francis I. Martin van Meytens's paintings were so highly appreciated that many imitators of his style appeared for many years after his death, and the works themselves They still enjoy the reputation of the most perfect Baroque court portraits today.
In the bimago offer you can find reproductions of Martin van Meytens' paintings in the form of canvas and premium prints. In both cases, the effect is stunning, but the second option more faithfully reflects the appearance of the original, because it is distinguished by its three-dimensional structure and excellent depth effect.

Martin van Meytens reproductions for the office or living room

Reproductions of excellent portraits and court scenes by Martin van Meytens are ideal primarily for lovers of baroque interiors, but they will also work well in eclectic spaces that combine modernity with a glamorous or shabby chic atmosphere. The master's works will look great in luxurious living rooms, accompanied by richly carved furniture, Ludwik chairs and sofas, as well as old gold-colored accessories and mirrors in thick, decorative frames. Reproductions of Martin van Meytens' paintings are also perfect for offices and law firms, as well as hotels located in historical buildings or palace restaurants where courtly and noble cuisine is served.