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Awaken the artist in you! Paint by numbers kits are currently breaking popularity records. And no wonder: it is a really great way to discover artistic passion in yourself, exercise patience and precision, as well as: relax and unwind after a stressful day. For each set we attach a canvas stretched on the frame of painting, instructions and a set of appropriate paints and paintbrushes. Choose from many types of paint by numbers kits. Find an idea for decoration with bimago shop.

Paint By Numbers Kit

In no time, you can try out how easy painting by numbers is. With the simple paint-by-numbers kits from bimago you can start with art and develop your creativity. You really don't need to have any experience with painting to have a lot of fun. Your children will love the simple paint by numbers for beginners as a birthday gift. A gift like this will help perfect your little one's craft skills while bringing a smile to their face every time they look at their artwork. Imagine the look on your friends' faces when they learn that this great new painting in the living room is 100% your artwork! You can also invite them to paint with you. Just order a few simple paint-by-numbers sets with your favorite designs and in a few days you can start your own art class! Discover all our painting kits and challenge yourself every day with a new one!

Paint By Numbers On Canvas

When painting with numbers, you paint the canvas with colors. Our paint by numbers uk sets are always a great choice. A great idea is to trade the artwork you've created with your friends and family and give them a unique piece of wall decor that can't be found anywhere else in the world. It's really super easy. Just follow the steps in the instructions, everything you need is included in our kits. The canvas includes a diagram with the numbers of the colors you require to use. Each color is labeled with the corresponding number, so there is virtually no chance for mistakes. With the simple paint kits, all the moments spent painting with your loved ones will become timeless memories that will decorate your house walls! Our team at bimago is sure that no matter your age, you will our paint by numbers set, as soon as you finish your first work of art and enjoy a new and very relaxing hobby. Visit our bimago store today and order your paint by numbers on canvas kit!