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Painting by numbers canvas, paint and brushes kits

Painting by numbers is an incredibly creative and interesting way of spending free time. People who are fond of artistic and manual activities will certainly be interested in painting kits available in bimago gallery. In our collection you will find pictures for people at any age. Painting kits for children include images with funny animals and fantastic characters. The adults will find landscapes, flowers, animals and modern patterns inspired by street art. Do not be ashamed of starting to paint at a later age: painting by numbers is an activity for people that have always wanted to learn how to paint. Thanks to instructions and pre-drawn canvases you can take your first steps in painting and create your own works of art in future. If you want to de-stress and create something beautiful, it’s worth considering purchasing paint by number kit. This pastime will not only allow you to spend your time in a pleasant way but also enhance your creativity, precision of movements and manual skills. We invite you to have a look at the new arrivals in our shop: paint set.

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Painting Kits: a New Arrival at Bimago Shop

The painting kits in our gallery comprise all the accessories necessary to create a painting. A picture with numbers is printed on canvas and mounted onto a stretcher bar. Therefore, after being painted it can be hung on a wall as a hand-made decoration. The set also includes acrylic paint pots. They are ready to be used and all the containers are marked with a number. Moreover, the painting kit contains a set of paintbrushes of different thickness that enable covering big as well as smaller surfaces with paint. The painting kit comes in an elegant packaging, therefore it’s a perfect gift for a loved person. The paint by number kit include pictures of various levels of difficulty suitable both for children and for adults. There are patterns such as animals, landscapes, flowers and many more: see all paint by number kits from bimago!

Hand-made Painting as an Original Home Decoration

A hand-made painting can be a wonderful decoration for your home. Paint by numbers pictures are not only a great way to adorn your walls but also to express your passion in interior design. The canvas is mounted on a stretcher bar, therefore after being painted it is ready to be hung. However, before displaying the picture, you can frame it or paint its edges to give it a final touch. The design of our paint by numbers pictures is both eye-catching and elegant: you will surely find a motif you would like to paint. Our paint by number sets include patterns such as modern abstractions, lovely landscapes or colourful flowers. Thanks to the wide selection, in this collection you will find perfect decorations for your living room, bedroom or even child’s room. Thus, painting by numbers is not only a great way of spending free time but it also has a decorative value. We’re sure that adorning your home with your own work will bring you a lot of satisfaction!

Discover Paint By Number Kits and Other Bimago Decorations

The paint by number sets are the latest arrivals in our gallery. With this new product in our collection, bimago has turned into a shop where you can find not only ready home decorations, but also tools that will help you to create your own ones. Guided by simple instructions, you will certainly have no problem in painting bimago pictures and the final result will amaze you. You can also give the paint by number set as a present to someone dear to you that is in fond of creative activities. If you’re looking for other gift ideas, we can recommend you scratch maps and decorative pinboards available in our shop. These accessories allow to track one’s journeys and mark visited places. In bimago gallery we also offer a whole range of modern decorations. Hand-painted canvases, wall murals, wall stickers or room dividers are only some examples of our products. Among few thousands of patterns you will certainly find beautiful decorations for you living room, child’s room, kitchen, office or restaurant. We encourage you to see our new paint by numbers collection as well as other bimago products.

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Paint by Number Kits

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