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Wallpaper for study

The interior design significantly affects the ability to focus. It is particularly important in an office where a focused mind defines the capability and productivity of employees. There is a reason why a lot of attention is paid to the style in the interior; one of the important elements of the decor is also choosing the right office wallpaper. The interior of the office should, first of all, be conducive to work in focus and improve concentration, while stimulating creative thinking, and not forcing employees into patterns. For this reason, office wallpapers or study wallpapers are usually selected from colors that are not very energetic, but refresh the mind. Depending on the nature of the work, we can choose various patterns and interesting prints. Our store's offer includes a variety of wall wallpapers for the office, which with their appearance, design and color scheme will work well in a typical office interior.

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Home office wallpaper

When working from home, we spend a lot of time in one, designated place, which is why it is very important to make it a friendly working environment. This will strengthen our mood, well-being and, consequently, productivity. Home office wallpaper with warm, pastel colors and a clear texture will give this space a warm and friendly atmosphere. An additional advantage of using wallpapers in the office is also the improvement of acoustic comfort: thick vinyl wallpapers have the ability to suppress external sounds, they also eliminate the so-called reverberation occurring in rooms with large dimensions.

Office wallpaper ideas

Every employer wants his office to not only represent the company’s profile, but also to create an appropriate working atmosphere. To achieve such an effect, it is necessary to choose the right interior design elements, not only functional and effective furniture, but also the right color of the walls, which is why some office wallpaper ideas are worth considering. The appropriate pattern of office wallpapers is not only fashionable at the moment, but above all it will fit perfectly into the interior and create a whole with other equipment elements. The most frequently used are those with large geometric symbols, or wall murals with a metropolitan landscape. They create a specific impression of opening to the outside world, as if an additional window through which the hustle and bustle of the city seems to flow into the office. Such wallpapers for the office, however, work only in large rooms, where they can be properly displayed. In small offices, it is better to use wallpapers with less intense colors and patterns to avoid the impression of reducing the room optically. The color often chosen for the office is green - it promotes creativity and brings out energy. Wallpaper in the office with leafs, a combination of green and gold will also look great.

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