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Visit the gallery of bimago posters and create a beautiful wall gallery in the blink of an eye! Posters in the 40x50 cm size are perfect to be hung as a solo decoration as well as in pairs or in a wall gallery. In our collection, you will find a variety of motifs - from abstraction and photography to beautiful shots of nature. No matter if you choose an artistic illustration or a cheerful graphic for your child's room, 40x50 cm posters are a perfect way to enliven walls without leaving permanent marks! See the gallery of posters in the 50x40 cm size and renovate your interior.

40 x 50 cm posters with frame

A single 40 x 50 cm poster from bimago's collection can provide an interior with a breath of positive energy. Thanks to its size, a poster 40 x 50 is an eye-catcher that will never go unnoticed. Pick a vivid, colourful depiction of an animal or a motivational quote and the atmosphere of the room momentarily changes. Floral themes are another great idea, introducing that universal, natural feel to the room. Bedrooms and living rooms will benefit the most from a poster 40 x 50 cm. Depending on your interior design, on our website you will easily find the perfect image for your living quarters. You will be surprised, how much a single poster 50 x 40 with a motivational can change a room. A simple „HOME” poster above your living room sofa will make it feel cosier than ever. Make no mistake, offices and work spaces will also benefit from a poster 50 x 40 cm. With a single poster you can introduce a priceless piece of wall decor and enliven your interior in the blink of an eye.

Beauty salons and hairdressers’ salons are another great destination for our posters. With a few posters you can inspire your customers and show them what you can do. All those sweet animal faces available in the form of a 40 x 50 poster will be an awesome idea when designing your child’s room. The animal images are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kids’ room decor available at bimago's website. Fancy plants, spacecraft, quotes, the list goes on and on. Cost-effective and easy to rearrange, posters are one of the most practical decorations out there. Restaurants and bars are the perfect place for a couple of bimago's posters. By just switching their places, you can transform the space completely with a couple of well-placed posters. When you combine posters 40 x 50 cm into a gallery, the impression you create will be amazing. Choose horizontal panoramas to bring balance to your room. On the other hand, vertical posters depicting pop art can turn the dull space into an intriguing, energetic interior.