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Frederic Leighton was a British painter and sculptor, the main representative of the Victorian academic style with a classical touch. He was mostly creating canvas paintings inspired by the antiques, portraits and illustrations. If you want to surround yourself with the art of the British artists without the need to visit museums, choose the bimago reproductions of Frederic Leighton! The reproductions of paintings in bimago are available as canvas prints or Premium Prints! We guarantee that the reproductions of Frederic Leighton will completely change your living or working space!

Reproductions Frederic Leighton

Frederic Leighton belonged to the British elite. He attended University College School, he studied also in Florence, Rome, Frankfurt and Paris. Furthermore, he became a member of the prestigious Royal Academy. Before he died, he attained also a number of badges, among others of a peer, baronet, as well as the title of Knight Academy. When it comes to his works, this British artist, who lived in the 19th century left behind a rich legacy of art. The painter particularly loved creating historical and mythological compositions, as well as mysterious allegories. He also created various portraits, illustrations, and even bronze sculptures. Lord Federic’s works were dominated by numerous references to Renaissance and antique art. Some of Frederick Leighton's most famous paintings include works such as 'Daedalus and Icarus,' 'Orpheus and Eurydice,' as well as 'Flaming June'.

Frederic Leighton’s Wall Paintings for the Living Room or Office

At Bimago store you can find a wide range of reproductions of Frederic Leighton’s works. Thanks to the high quality print and flawless details, the works of the British artist are a perfect gift idea. What is more, our reproductions are available in three different versions: canvas print, Premium Print, as well as hand painted pictures. It is worth noting that Premium Print technique distinguishes itself by three-dimensional surface, but also by and incredible depth effect and shine characteristic for oil painting. Frederic Leighton’s works will certainly make the recipient smile. They will be a great addition to the design of your interior. When deciding to purchase such products, it is worth taking care of the appropriate setting for them. A classical painting harmonises particularly well with subdued colours and natural wood.