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When arranging your dining area, you must remember your dining room textiles. Our suggestions include, among other things, tablecloths and table runners that will become an effective complement to the table setting, as well as cushions that you can arrange on the chairs. The lion's share of the collection comprises textiles with floral motifs - flowers and leaves in various shades, but you can also opt for geometric compositions and abstractions. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your dining room with our dining textiles.

Curtains for the dining room

In the design of the dining room, as in the case of rooms intended for relaxation, textiles play a significant role, with which you can create a practical yet cosy interior. It is worth considering an attractive window decoration by betting on curtains for the dining room. We offer blackout curtains made of robust materials, which will effectively block the penetration of sunlight into the room. Dining room curtains will also act as a barrier against the gaze of passers-by or neighbours. Modern dining room curtains include nature-inspired motifs in a variety of colours. These can range from colourful, graceful bouquets to create a hint of spring in the interior to intense green motifs inspired by tropical rainforests. As an alternative to dining room curtains with a floral motif, textiles in industrial style or with geometric motifs - elegant compositions of triangles or cubes, oriental hexagons or Spanish arabesque - can be an alternative.


Tablecloths for the dining room

An essential element of the dining room is the appropriate table setting in the form of a tablecloth. An adequately chosen tablecloth for the dining table will not only protect the furniture. Still, it will also impact the overall perception of the tableware and help create a pleasant atmosphere. This is especially important during family gatherings. You will find unusual dining tablecloths in our collection to create an interesting arrangement. Our suggestions include colourful tablecloths for the dining room with spring bouquets, abstract leaves, and elegant geometric figures. All dining room tablecloths are made of high-quality materials, which translates into durability and strength. Colourful tablecloths for the dining room will make family gatherings more enjoyable.

Dining table runner

A table runner will also work well on the dining room table. It not only has a practical function. In an austere room, it can become a solid decorative accent. It can also serve as an original backdrop for vases or fruit bowls. A table runner for the dining room table can also enhance the aesthetic qualities of the piece of furniture at which the family and their guests gather. Among our products, you will find runners with floral and geometric motifs. It can be used in minimalist arrangements and rooms full of splendour. A dining table runner is also a good gift idea. Simple, versatile designs can make a casual gift for friends.
The table runners are available in various sizes - the smallest is 40x40 cm, and the largest is 40x300 cm. All our table runners are durable and easy to clean. Look at our dining room textiles collection and experiment with a wealth of textures, patterns and colours!