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World Maps Wall Art




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Do you love exploring corners of the world? Introduce a world map canvas to your interior, which will remind you of the most beautiful journeys every day and inspire you to plan new ones! When creating our collection, we took care of diversity in terms of aesthetics and colours. Large world map canvas will look great on the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, offices and kids rooms. See for yourself that it will also work great for you! Check what we have prepared and refresh the interior of the apartment!

Canvas wall art world map

You love to travel. We do too. That's why our team at bimago created the world map canvas collection. The abundance of countries around the world finds its reflection in the number of world map canvas designs available on our website. Be it giant map canvas that will dominate your living space and make you wonder off thinking about your next holiday whenever you take a look, a large map canvas suitable for smaller interiors or a kid’s world map canvas adorning your little one's wall. A canvas wall map will revive your imagination and bring back those priceless memories every time you take a glimpse at it. That's what makes map canvas wall art a virtually universal wall decor. The diversity of bimago's world map wall canvas lets you choose from colourful, black and white, grayscale, schematic, copper and golden hues and many, many more. When you were a kid you could only dream of the distant travels when looking at a world map in your geography class. Now you can enrich your living room with a canvas wall art world map and plan those holiday trips flying your finger across those continents and booking planes from the comfort of your sofa.

Large and colourful world map canvas

If you want a clearer view, it is always a good idea to go for an extra-large world map canvas. Regardless if it's a vintage world map canvas, a colourful one or a photo realistic image of the planet Earth, your children will undoubtedly benefit from such wall decor unleashing their imagination and creativity as they grow up. Bimago lets you take it a step further. We also print our canvas world map on cork so you can pinpoint with pins the locations that you've previously visited, the ones that you plan for next year's holiday as well as the historic places like the places that you previously called 'home'. To create an even more original decoration we offer multi-piece world maps printed on canvas and cork. Triptychs, four or even five-piece world maps can be easily found on our vast website.