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60 x 90 cm posters with frame

A large, well placed 60 x 90 poster can do wonders. Horizontal posters depicting city skylines and panoramas are an awesome idea for offices and large living quarters like living rooms. A vertical 60 x 90 poster print on the other hand will introduce a feel of tidiness to the interior. A single poster can change the living quarters in the blink of an eye. Bedeck your living room wall with bimago's 60 x 90 cm poster and you can enjoy an atmosphere filled with motion when you choose a busy New York street or just sit back and lay your eyes on a relaxing panorama depicting a calm beach. Bigger than an average TV set, a 60 x 90 poster print will change your interior in a unique, awesome way. Choosing a quote, you will introduce a one-of-a-kind, motivational influence to the room. Regardless if it's a simple, one-word quote or a more elaborate sentence, a quote placed on a 60 x 90 poster will undoubtedly change your space. Go vertical. With a vertical poster 60 x 90 cm from our collection a room can virtually grow. Motifs depicting monuments, mountains and flowers can turn a compact space into a fresh, new quarters. A large piece of wall decor is always a tough decision. Which size? What image? Where to put it? Remember that you can always change your mind. Change the poster that bedecks your wall. Move it. Choose a new one if needed. With a few clicks you can order a new one and try a new interior design. Your friends will love a 60 x 90 poster as a birthday gift! Just pick one from our website, choose the right frame and there you have it! The perfect birthday gift for your loved ones and family! When picking a poster from our website you can rest assured that it will come in a safe box complete with any necessary details such as hanging pegs or the like. Our staff makes sure that you get only the highest quality product!