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Working from home has many advantages, but it also brings some nuisance. Together with comfort, there goes difficulty in focusing and separating private life from work. The lack of the appropriate space makes it easier to distract yourself when a given stimulus reaches you. How to make working from home comfortable and effective? Office room dividers from bimago are the ally in separating the working space! They are also a perfect solution for small flats where there is no space for a separate office.

Home office room divider

The term „homework” takes on a new meaning nowadays. The tempo of everyday life dictates taking your work home and here at bimago we perfectly understand that. With our office room divider cabinets creating a personal space for work is super easy. Sit back and with a few clicks you can bedeck your living quarters with a tasteful home office divider and at the same time benefit from its separating role. With a home office room divider, you can bring your own, individual cubicle to life! No fussy boss breathing down your neck, no distracting calls, you schedule your working hours. Science has proven a long time ago that taking a break from work is crucial to increasing the overall productivity. And what is a break worth when you're still at work? Thanks to a office partition from bimago's collection your breaks will be real breaks. A minute with the family is worth more than an hour-long break at work.

Divider cabinet for living room

You will be amazed at what a simple divider cabinet for living room can do. Swap that boring view of an office full of people for an inspiring, individual image chosen by you and only you. For nature lovers we have a wide variety of beautiful panoramas that will lighten up those grey days and quickly cheer you up. If motivation is what you seek, we have a vast choice of motivation quote office dividers. Undoubtedly, regardless of your choice, a office divider walls from our website will bring the feeling of cosiness and originality to your home. You can always experiment. Pick a world map divider, with marine motif or an abstract, one-of-a-kind partition to get your mind off those deadlines. Create by dividing. Divide your personal life from work and create a private space where you can finish those work projects and at the same time enjoy family life. Our room divider cabinet designs are the way to go, make a personal space with bimago's portable office wall dividers and get the best of both worlds.