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Soundproof room divider collection is an excellent, universal solution that provides a wide range of possibilities. They can be used in professional and specially designed rooms, such as recording studios, theatre halls, or conference rooms, as well as in your own home. Portable acoustic panels allow you to separate parts of the room without interfering with its structure - walls. Our acoustic room dividers prevent the reflection of sound waves, reducing reverberations and distortions that may arise during recordings.

Acoustic Dividers

If you need an acoustic room divider that not only has a practical function but also looks aesthetically, you have come to the right place. In the bimago collection, there are many options that will certainly suit your taste. We offer acoustic dividers suitable for use in many ways, depending on your needs. They will positively surprise you with their unique design. You will quickly realize that acoustic room divider is an additional element in the house decor that is also practical and of high-quality manufacturing. Check out our offer and find the perfect sound absorbing room dividers. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your choice. Don’t wait and scroll through this category in the bimago store to see the diversity of patterns and motifs. You can go for a divider consisting of three or five panels, depending on your needs and the size of your rooms.

Foldable Soundproof Partition Wall

Room dividers are great additions to every room because they have numerous advantages. Besides the fact that they separate two spaces from each other, they absorb the sound, making it easy to focus and relax. Additionally, all our dividers can work as a decoration in all kinds of rooms, from classic interiors to those finished in contemporary style. They make the house cosy and beautiful. Their greatest advantage, however, is that they are not installed permanently. Once you don't need them, or you get bored with the current decor, you can move them around or simply fold them and hide them in a closet. A foldable soundproof partition wall is a much better choice than the real, permanent wall in a room that cannot be moved without much effort.

Soundproof Partitions For Offices

Do you wonder why would you actually need such a soundproof wall partition? You can use it to separate two different spheres in a room. Acoustic dividers will work well in an open-space kitchen or in a bedroom with no place for a walk-in closet. They are also a great choice when you wish to separate relaxation space from your home office. Every soundproof wall partition from the bimago collection is perfect not only for houses and flats. They can be used in many more spaces, they are good for, e.g., restaurants or doctors' offices. You decide how to use soundproof partitions for offices. One thing is sure, you will never want to work without such a divider again.

Classroom Soundproof Dividers

Our bimago offer includes a whole variety of soundproof dividers for all kinds of interiors. You can use them in spacious rooms to separate a few different spaces or put them in smaller places, simply for decorative purposes. Our dividers work well even in such places as schools. They can be used to separate a few groups of students to help them study. Classroom soundproof dividers absorb all kinds of sounds, so they are just perfect for such purposes. They will allow all students to focus, no matter if there is clamour coming out from the other part of the interior. We have a wide choice of patterns, there are plain and simple dividers for schools, as well as more decorative products. You can easily find the most suitable one, we are sure of this as our category is vast and rich in diversified products, perfect even for the pickiest of customers.