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Decorative cushions are synonymous with cosiness - and you can never have too many of them! At bimago, we know that a well-chosen decoration not only improves the overall aesthetic of an interior but also makes our four walls really feel like home! A decorative cushion is a great way to liven up a sofa in the living room or a bed in the bedroom - but also other spots in your home, for example, windowsills or wicker baskets. Mix patterns and colours of decorative cushions as you like - to create a composition full of positive energy!

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are one of those design trends that have been with us for a long time, and it's unlikely to change anytime soon. It's worth reaching for such decorative elements for several important reasons. Firstly, a decorative pillow makes sitting on the couch or armchair more comfortable. Secondly, they make the interior cosier, which encourages you to spend more time there. Additionally, elegant throw pillows are an effective way to refresh any arrangement. Introducing such a small change can have great effects. The pillowcases for decorative pillows that you will find at bimago will allow you to break the monotony and bring a completely different energy to the room. Make sure to check out all of our suggestions!

Decorative Pillowcases

Are you wondering which decorative pillowcases to choose for your living room or bedroom? Don't worry, we'll help you! You can rely on a few practical tips. First, think about the size of your dream pillow covers. In bimago's offer, you will find several options, including 45×45 cm and 50×50 cm. Of course, there are also many classic pillowcases for 40×40 cm pillows available. You also have the choice of the material the decorative pillow will be made of. We offer decorative pillows made of velvet as well as microfiber. In the latter case, you have more options regarding the size, but it depends on your preferences and needs. The decorative pillowcases available at bimago are great for decorating your sofa or bed. Check out our assortment, and you will quickly see that we have interesting designs for everyone. We have introduced both modern decorative cushions and those with more classic motifs. We offer various patterns, including floral, forest motif and geometric ones. Therefore, everyone will find the perfect throw pillows that match their decor.

Decorative Pillows for the Living Room

Decorative pillows for the living room play a rather crucial role in the space. They not only contribute to comfortable relaxation but also provide a stylish and incredibly cosy look to the place. Sofa pillows with motifs that are appropriately matched to the arrangement will perfectly blend into the interior and emphasize its unique character. Sofa pillows can transform the space, refresh it, and create a real “wow” effect.
The wide selection of decorative pillowcases allows for a perfect match of colour and motif to any arrangement. In bimago's offer, you can find products such as modern decorative pillows that perfectly accentuate both classic and more contemporary arrangements. Particularly noteworthy is the decorative pillow with botanical motifs, which can be used in glamorous salons as well as urban jungle-themed spaces or as decorative pillows for bed. Floral patterns are a solution that brings a pleasant and slightly romantic atmosphere to the interior. Minimalism enthusiasts will surely love the addition of a decorative pillow in geometric patterns with timeless colour schemes.

Modern Decorative Pillows

A modern approach to interior design is reflected in almost every element of decor, including decorative pillows. There is an increasing departure from typical and traditional solutions, such as solid-coloured designer pillows. Interior designers are opting for unconventional and even intriguing patterns. This includes motifs that imitate natural materials like wood. The combination of a soft pillow with a pattern that evokes something solid and durable can create a unique effect in the interior.
The same applies to patterns that imitate photographs. This effect allows for a much greater sense of realism in the interior and significantly expands the possibilities of arrangement. Sofa pillows in unconventional colour schemes are also worth mentioning. An example of this is the Piña colada decorative pillow, which is sure to appeal to those who are not afraid of bold design solutions!
We invite you to explore our range of products, such as modern decorative pillows and decorative cushions for bed, which will add a unique atmosphere to any interior! Among them, you will find pillowcases for 40×40 cushions as well as decorative pillows in the size 50×50.