Wall calendar posters for 2020

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Calendar for 2020 - a new view on a poster

A wall calendar is a well-known and an often purchased product for a flat. We hang it on our walls every year and choose various forms - smaller, larger formats, with sheets to tear after each day, with the option of moving a special tab to a specific day of the month. We, in turn, have a completely new idea for a wall calendar in the form of a poster! Indeed, 2019 is slowly ending, and 2020 is fast approaching, so it's high time to think of buying a Calendar 2020 from bimago. It will remind you of great moments, be an interesting element of interior design, or a gift for someone who has not yet convinced of this wall decoration. In the bimago gallery, you will find black and white calendars along with simple sea background. Our calendars for 2020 are characterized by high print quality. Each of the posters, also in the form of a wall calendar, can be framed. So it makes the product look great on the wall.

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Wall calendar - an idea for a poster

Poster has become a popular way of decorating flats. Hung on a wall, in a large lum, small format, in the form of a gallery, or leaning against a wall on a shelf - only your imagination limits you here. Wall calendar poster can also be an interesting element of decor. Since today, elements in black and white colours fit perfectly into the rooms decorated in a cool Scandinavian style. They also look great in offices and even bathrooms! Calendar with marine motif,with individual months and days written on, brings back calm, good times or stormy moments that in the long run may be milestones in your life! Give a loved one a little joy with a wall calendar 2020, which will not only be a useful element of decor, but may also emphasize the character of the recipient. In the bimago gallery you will find various ideas for calendars in the form of posters in several sizes. Are you ready for something completely different? Don't hesitate and see what our poster idea is today!