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Recreate the elegant beauty of Monet's art with our collection of sets for painting by numbers Monet. Imagine a walk through the French countryside or admiring a sunrise on a shore. This is where you will go when creating such painting as Woman with a Parasol, The Poppy Field or The Artist's Garden at Giverny. Through the collection of the sets for painting by number, we give you the tools to catch the essence of Monet's art! Create an ethereal painting that you will hang in your house with pride, you only need a set for painting by numbers Monet.

Claude Monet paint by numbers

Bimago's Monet paint by numbers collection is a place where everyone can find the perfect painting for them. His legacy of almost 2000 paintings is one full of vivid colours as well as more toned, calm paintings therefore virtually every interior will benefit from this impressionist's work. On our website you will easily pick the perfect wall decor for you. And the best thing is that it will become YOUR PAINTING! Get inspired by Claude Monet's amazing work and easily create your own version of his masterpieces! The painting by numbers Monet kits are complete with all the ingredients a beautiful painting needs. A canvas with outlines and numbered spaces, ready use, pulled on a wooden frame. Acrylic paint with its colours signed with numbers corresponding with the numbers on the canvas. And finally, the brushes which you will need, their width perfect for your personal painting.

The choice of Monet's work is so vast that one might say that he was a master in painting everything. For compact and medium size personal spaces there are the countless depictions of the smaller aspects of human life. Fruit, flowers, animals and many, many more. The fruit paintings are especially great for kitchens and gastronomy commercial spaces. But make no mistake, if it is a small room that you want to adorn with his work you can also choose an astonishing landscape! His landscapes and depictions of architecture will give your interior a more spacious feel. For larger spaces we recommend his series of paintings like the haystack series, water lilies series or the houses of parliament series. Put them in line and you can almost feel the talent that created those pieces. An awesome present, with a Claude Monet paint by numbers kit you can gift your loved ones with a lovely and not too demanding work of art that they themselves will create! In Monet's portfolio there are many, many brilliant landscapes which do not have too many details so the homemade painters will not get discouraged!