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Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish painter from the 16th and 17th centuries, considered to be one of the most influential artists of the Baroque. Rubens is famous for sacral art, landscapes, portraits and historical paintings. His works themed on religion are considered one of the greatest works of sacral art, and his "Massacre of the Innocents" was sold for a record price of 76 million dollars in 2002. Rubens's reproductions from bimago's collection don't cost that much, but they let you and your family introduce real art to your own interior.

Peter Paul Rubens paintings - reproductions of the most famous paintings

Peter Paul Rubens is a Flemish artist, one of the most valued Baroque painters. He created for the most famous personalities of his era - members of the royal family, church dignitaries, wealthy merchants. Rubens' paintings graced dozens of churches across Europe. Rubens used colors and light perfectly in his paintings. In his paintings, he often dealt with mythological and religious themes. His work is so characteristic that the terms Rubenesque style or Rubensian shapes were coined. Many reproductions of Peter Paul Rubens' most famous paintings, such as "The Three Graces" or "The Crucifixion", are available in the bimago online gallery.

A painting by Peter Paul Rubens as an office decoration

Even during the artist's lifetime, having his works in your collection was quite an honor. Nowadays, decorating the walls of, for example, an office with Rubens' paintings is an expression of good taste. It is therefore not surprising that Rubens' paintings are often used as decorations in law offices or in the rooms of presidents or directors. Rubens' painting will look best in classically arranged interiors. Since Rubens' works are characterized by exceptional richness and intensity of colors, it is best to place them on a wall with a subdued, warm color and among dark furniture, preferably with high gloss. To liven up the interior a bit, you can add some silver or gold accessories.

Peter Paul Rubens - copies of the most famous paintings

Rubens created over 2,000 paintings throughout his life. Many of them are still known and recognized as the greatest works of the Baroque era. Two trends can be distinguished in Rubens's work. The first are religious paintings decorating the interiors and altars of the most famous European temples. In addition, Rubens created famous nudes depicting the so-called Rubensian shapes of baroque women.
In the bimago gallery you can find the most famous paintings by Rubens, Raphael Santi, Claude Monet and other outstanding painters. Decorating a room with famous works will certainly be a way to successfully arrange the interior.

The Three Graces by Rubens and other paintings by the painter

Peter Paul Rubens is a Flemish painter, considered one of the most outstanding representatives of the Baroque. He created paintings with religious and mythological themes, as well as landscapes and portraits. Rubens' paintings are characterized by dynamics, lush forms and sensuality. The artist's most famous works are certainly the painting The Three Graces by Rubens. The artist immortalized the goddesses of female beauty, grace and sensual joy. Another famous work is Rubens Self-Portrait. In this painting by Rubens, you can see a man wearing a dark brown collared blouse and a wide-brimmed hat. Rubens' Judgment of Paris is also worth attention. This work refers to the mythological scene that initiated the Trojan War. Rubens depicted the moment when the young man chooses the most beautiful goddess. We recommend Rubens paintings in the form of reproductions to all lovers of the Flemish artist's work, which will allow you to experience extraordinary art on a daily basis. Rubens' paintings, intended especially for classic rooms, can beautify an elegant living room, the interior of a law firm or a director's office.

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens was born in 1577 in Siegen, the sixth of seven children of the lawyer John Rubens. He gained his education, among others, in Antwerp, in the workshops of Adam van Noort, Tobias Verhaecht and Otto van Veen. In the following years, Rubens went to Italy: he served at the court of the Gonzaga princes in Mantua, and then stayed in Genoa and Rome. In 1608, after returning to his homeland, he became the court painter of Archduke Albert and Infanta Isabella.
Rubens left behind over 2,000 paintings and 4,000 drawings. He had a great influence on English and French painting of the 18th century. However, his activity was not limited only to painting - Peter Paul Rubens was a multi-talented man who also dealt with diplomacy.