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Hallway wallpaper ideas

If we want to make a good first look, then the hallway decor will be a foretaste of the arrangement of our apartment. The right wallpaper in this room will make a great showcase of our house. Elegant wall decoration will certainly attract attention and allow you to complete the problematic design of this part of an apartment. The colours in the interior are worth considering in line with n the shape of the room. If the hall is open to the rest of the apartment, you can go for darker colours. In turn, if we have a dark corridor or vestibule then the ideal wallpaper will be a pattern in bright colors. We can also put on geometric shapes or stripes that will visually enlarge the room. If we also take care of bright, warm lighting, even a small interior will look spacious and comfortable.

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Modern hall stairs and staircase landing wallpaper

The hallway and staircase are ideal places for a wallpaper. These rooms have non standard dimensions and shape, so it only depends on us how we will use this decorative potential. The wall by the staircase and the staircase landing is a particularly graceful place to decorate, wallpaper for hallway and staircase landing could have a big impact on the whole as it is relatively high and thanks to the wallpaper for hallway pattern can affect our senses on a large scale. It should be remembered that the hallway, corridor or staircase are transition rooms where nobody stays for a long time. Therefore, you can choose wallpaper in bold colors without fear that such arrangement will visually overwhelm the interior of our apartment. A good idea is also a choice of best wallpaper for narrow hallway that goes with colours found in neighboring rooms - thanks to this, our interior will create a harmonious whole. .

Grey victorian hallway wallpaper

Victorian style is a derived term from furniture making. Furniture in Victorian Era England became the style and soul of interiors. It had to be wooden, massive and covered with ornaments. The aim was was to give the impression of effusiveness and glamour. The interior in Victorian style is not a relic of ancient times - it can be successfully reproduced in a modern apartment.Since in the Victorian style patterns play the key role, both in furniture and in the decorating of walls, it is important to follow a certain order and definitely go for one key motif. The walls are almost as important as furniture, because they define the entire interior. Victorian style requires them to be expressive. No one would use a uniform matt paint in the refined 19th-century England.Wallpaper in hallway is essential in this style, particularly in purple, gold, deep green or grey hallway wallpaper. An inseparable companion of victorian hallway wallpaper would be a wooden parquet with oriental rugs and crystal chandeliers above.

Wallpaper to brighten a dark hallway

The hallway is a difficult place to decorate, it has often an irregular and small dimensions that doesn't allow freedom in arrangement. There are however some hall stairs and landing wallpapers that can change the appearance of a room. Here are some tips and ideas wallpaper to brighten a dark hallway. Bright colors will optically enlarge the interior, and patterns will divert attention from shady corners. Striped wallpapers and patterns with a vertical orientation will make the room appear higher. Wallpaper for stairs and hall has also an advantage of being easy to install. We don't need a costly and time-consuming renovation to change the face of our interior. We encourage you to look at the hall decoration suggestion using our great selection of hallway wallpaper ideas.

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