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Room Divider Shell II [Room Dividers]
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The room dividers for beauty salons and screens for massage salons from bimago are functional and beautiful accessories used as a folding divider of a room or a decorative element in your space. The room dividers will easily change a living room into an interior with a few functional zones. They will work well in a beauty and massage salon. The room dividers will help you organize a clinic where you provide treatments, while at the same time, it will be a magnificent element of the space! In the collection of room dividers, you will find the right patterns for every interior design.

Room dividers for hair studio

Beauty studios are often compact spaces. With a beauty studio divider from bimago's collection you can split an interior in the blink of an eye and have two where there was only one. Two unique, personal stylizations in one spot. By adding a hairdresser room divider to the space, you can very easily create a changing room for your customers. A separate space for hair cleaning is a must have for every hairdresser. With a mobile, lightweight salon divider your commercial space will always be a tidy, well organised business. With a hair studio divider from our website any interior will benefit two-fold. Double the work space and at the same time bedeck your salon with a gorgeous image! A well-matched divider makes all the difference. Peaceful, balanced panoramas are amongst the most popular themes chosen for commercial use. Make no mistake, fancy, geometric themes are just as good as a calm panorama, it only depends on your taste.

Beauty Salon Room Divider

Beauty studios are a great place for beauty related themes like a nail being painted or a portrait of a famous movie star with a original hairstyle. A single, colourful, vivid beauty salon divider is all it takes to break the rules and bring a fresh, original breath into your work space. It takes a lot of work to create that one-of-a-kind style. And a lot of tools. They do not need to be in plain sight. A lightweight, stylish divider is all you need to conceal all of those unnecessary details. Classic pieces will always be in vogue such as simple, wooden dividers. A compact, three-piece divider is all it takes to screen off a window or any other distraction so you can focus on the task at hand. Whereas a bigger, five-piece divider can make all the difference by splitting the room in two and introducing a motivational, intriguing theme exactly where you want it and when you need it.