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Canvas prints for hallway

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Hallway canvas

It is said that every corridor or hall is a preview of the apartment and an opportunity to make a fantastic first impression on all guests. Why not use it? We assure you that as soon as you see the hallway artwork in our collection, you will immediately want to use it! And in case you do not know how to do it, we have prepared a guide for you: what kind of paintings for the hall will be the best.

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Hallway artwork canvas

Small, short and cramped hallways, in which you can hardly take your coat off when coming back home, are the bane of many modern apartments. You can ask yourself: is there any room for decoration in such a small interior, such as paintings for the hall? Well, there is always room for decorations, you just need to know how to apply them. Choose bright patterns and such images for the hallway that will give a subtle magnifying effect. Long hallways are something that we can find mainly in old apartments. Although they are undoubtedly better than the microscopic halls known from many new buildings, they also have their drawbacks. Perhaps the greatest of these is the claustrophobic confinement they can evoke. How to deal with it? Interior decorators favor expressive canvas for hallway or other eye-catching decorations on the wall opposite to the entrance (i.e. at the very end of the corridor). It will put an accent the end of the hall and soothe the feeling of endless tunnel. We like to decorate home interiors with well-known elements of popular styles: so we arrange a bedroom in shabby chic, a Scandinavian kitchen all in white, a living room inspired by the pop-art style, and so on. And the hallway? Why not add elements related to one of the well-known styles here? It’s relatively a small room, it doesn’t require much. Sometimes it is really enough to just paint the walls in the right color (for example white, sand or navy blue in a nautical style) and hang appropriately selected hallway canvas (in a nautical style they could represent, for example, anchors or ships under full sails) and that's it! A hall with an extraordinary character - ready!

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