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Rafael Santi was one of the most prominent representatives of the Italian Renaissance. He was inspired by the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Rafael himself created many biblical scenes on canvas, which strongly influenced the later generation of artists. "The School of Athens", "Sistine Madonna" and "Fall of Jericho" are the most famous masterpieces we can admire in the world-famous museums today. The reproductions of his paintings on canvas are available in the bimago collection and can grace your living room, bedroom and office!

Raphael Santi - life and works of the Italian painter

Raphael Santi is an Italian painter and architect who worked during the Renaissance. He is regarded as one of the most outstanding artists of the period. In his early works, Raphael Santi imitated his master, Perugino. Rafael Santi's later works show the influence of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. The artist mainly created biblical genre scenes, which became an inspiration for subsequent generations of painters. Rafael Santi's most famous paintings are: "The Sistine Madonna", "The Madonna of the Goldfinch ", "The Transfiguration". Rafael Santi's frescoes in the Vatican State Rooms - the representative papal suites- are also very famous. Particularly noteworthy is „The School of Athens" - a monumental work depicting a meeting of the most eminent philosophers of ancient times. The artist also often portrayed himself or people known to him. Raphael Santi's paintings are impressive for their mastery of various artistic means. Indeed, the painter used composition and conveyed the dynamics of the figures in a truly masterful manner.


Reproductions of Rafael Santi's works for your interior

Nowadays, the famous painter's works, reaching exorbitant prices, can be seen in the world's most famous museums, including the Vatican Museum, the Prado in Madrid or the National Gallery in London. However, many would like to enjoy the beauty of Raphael's paintings on a daily basis, without having to visit an art gallery. The bimago online shop meets these expectations: in our extraordinary collection we offer reproductions of the most important works by Raphael Santi such as " The Sistine Madonna", "The Madonna of the Goldfinch" or "The School of Athens". Your chosen work by the Italian painter can become a spectacular decoration for your home or office. If you like art with a capital "A", you will certainly find something for yourself in this collection of reproductions. Each of the paintings by Rafeal Santi can be ordered in the Premium Print technique, which gives an effect similar to oil painting. Reproductions of Rafael Santi's works will appeal not only to art lovers, but also to those who dream about elegant decorations. The living room, study or lobby are places where such a decoration will complete the interior design.

The Sistine Madonna, The School of Athens and other works by Raphael at bimago gallery

The works of art presented in the bimago Rafael Santi collection will give your living area a completely new and unique character. Raphael's paintings with a biblical theme will certainly look perfect in a living room decorated in a classical style. On the other hand, paintings of The Holy Family or The Madonna and Child can decorate an elegant bedroom. Portraits captured by Raphael Santi are canvases that will be perfect as study decoration. If a loved one is an admirer of Raphael's works and Renaissance painting, then such a gift is guaranteed to delight them. Paintings in the bimago gallery can be ordered with a personal dedication, which will be placed on the back of the painting. Moreover, a reproduction ordered in Premium Print will gain the texture and colours typical for oil painting. If you are looking for a unique gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary, one of Rafael's paintings will certainly become such a gift.

Paintings by Raphael Santi and other masterpieces of art at bimago

If you are fascinated by the paintings of the great masters you should not stop at visiting the collection of paintings by Rafael Santi. It is also worth getting familiar with the reproductions of other famous painters offered at bimago who have made a significant contribution to art. Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas or William Turner are among the many artists whose reproductions of the most famous works can be purchased at bimago. Among the available paintings, there is no lack of portraits, floral compositions and landscapes. If you are also looking for modern paintings with these motifs, in our gallery you will find dedicated collections of paintings with flowers, portraits or landscapes. A wide selection of canvas prints and hand-painted works will make you decorate any interior in your home or office. We invite you to see reproductions of paintings on canvas by Rafael Santi, but also other great painters available at bimago gallery.