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~Art Collection~

Subtlety and minimalism in a perfect combination

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Linear design

Minimal art

What do you see when you think about art? An explosion of colors, a scream, unbridled force of expression? Or perhaps the true art speaks to us the most when it whispers? A delicate line, the main theme of Line Art collection, creates new paths on canvas like a line of life, drawing inspiration from nature and vigorous beauty of human body. A hint of abstraction, a bit of pastels and a pinch of minimalism - could this be a recipe for the perfect composition?

Simplicity is
the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

Line Art The discreet charm of minimalism

Inspiration with graphics, drawings and sketches is a very popular theme in wall decorations - today we show it in a completely new version, as the main theme of the latest bimago collection. The discreet, slightly rough charm of the artistic line is the essence of minimalism. No line is redundant here, and at the same time the final effect is so discreet and delicate that it will perfectly match the decoration of any interior. Line Art paintings will give character to modest interiors - while in already highly stylized ones they will introduce the desired balance.

The subtle art of single line Sometimes less is more

The main inspiration for the Line Art collection is the beauty of nature and human body: the entire figure, hands and face. Shapes so well-known to us gain the power of expression in the abstract approach to line art. This style emphasizes what is essential and omits what is redundant. Black and white Line Art posters are intertwined with patterns drenched in color: subtle pastels and light earth tones. The final effect depends only on your creativity: the minimalist designs from this collection are easy to combine with each other, and even multi-part compositions will not give an overdoing effect.