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Vintage wall posters

Vintage style is an invariably fashionable trend in interior design. If you love retro and want to create a vibrant vintage-modern interior, a place where traditional elements meet modernity, try doing that with our retro posters. Decorate your walls using vintage posters with flowers and plants motifs that we remember from school boards, or try paintings that bring memories of long-gone times.

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Original vintage wall posters

Vintage poster art is coming back not only in fashion but also in interior design. Vintage prints are a good fit for any interior thanks to their incredible versatility. Powerful colours and simple, direct message they carry makes them always interesting and eye-catching decor features. As we tend to be nostalgic about the past, that always looks simpler, fairer and generally better than the present day, vintage art prints referring to the atmosphere of the past are very fashionable wall decorations. It is a result of this little cherry picking of ours. We love motifs that are typically retro because they remind us the best part of the gone times. And we can have a climate of these times, catched in a bottle, forgetting for a moment that these times were never all that happy and blissful. Vintage wall posters are reprints of first advertising campaigns. Additionally it’s propaganda posters or comic images of cars, motorbikes or airplanes. Many of them refer to the American popular art of the 1950s and 1960s. It is a reflection of what people used to be after back then.

Vintage style framed posters

The art of wall decorating is not the easiest thing to do, but skillfully selected decorations will transform your place into an intimate art gallery. It can be a surprise how a simple black frame can change the way a poster looks on the wall. Each way impacts the whole character of the interior in a unique way. There is obviously not right or wrong in that but not every frame sits well with every wall. You just need to take a closer look. Posters are a very fashionable wall decoration. They can present beautiful landscapes or abstract patterns or imitate theatrical posters. Original vintage posters are an interesting combination of old designs with modern printing techniques. We advise these features as one of the finest parts of our collection.