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Anders Zorn




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Anders Zorn was a graphic artist and painter from Sweden who focused his work primarily on portraits and nudes. Anders Zorn's reproductions are characterized by an individual approach to models and the desire to capture their character traits. Particularly noteworthy is the use of the chiaroscuro technique by skilfully combining light colours with dark shades. Among the reproductions of Anders Zorn available as canvas prints by bimago, you will find some interesting paintings.

Paintings by Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn was born in Sweden in 1860. He was a graphic artist and painter, specializing in portraits and nudes. His work has gained fame throughout Europe, primarily because of his great workshop and individual approach to models. Zorn was able to perfectly capture individual character traits, which is not an easy task. In his portraits one can find a reflection of the soul. Among the collections of his works in portraits were such figures as the president of the United States and the king of Sweden. The artist was also very fond of genre painting. Zorn's works also attract attention due to the unique colors full of light, delicate colors combined with dark shades, which in effect creates a wonderful chiaroscuro.

Reproductions of paintings by Anders Zorn

Reproductions of Anders Zorn's paintings are an offer for true lovers of painting. Such unique works that can be found in many museums can now join your private collection. Zorn's paintings are great for the living room, bedroom and office. Pleasant, light theme of the works will give the interior a fresh and cheerful character. Reproductions of Anders' works can be successfully combined with a classic, elegant, and even modern, minimalist style. It all depends on the other accessories and the appropriate picture frame. Such a canvas is best hung in a place that attracts attention, e.g. above a table, sofa or bed. The delicate colors of the paintings will look good on a smooth wall painted in a light beige, gray or white shade. This elegant addition can be a complement to glamor style furniture or unique antiques referring to the 19th or 20th century. Zorn's paintings are suitable for an original birthday or name day gift.