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Paul Signac




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Paul Signac was a French painter of Neo-Impressionism in the 19th and 20th centuries. He created mostly landscapes, and among his most famous works, you can find such canvas paintings as "Saint-Tropez" and "The Pine Tree". His work was characterized by harmonious form and perfect colour saturation. If you are interested in Neo-Impressionism, choose the reproductions of Paul Signac by bimago, which will let you enrich your space with an artistic touch! These paintings can become a complement to a cosy bedroom, office or restaurant with French cuisine.

A painting by Paul Signac for the wall of a bedroom, living room or hall

Paul Signac's paintings are a great way to uniquely decorate the walls of your home or commercial space. The French neo-impressionist who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries painted in such a way that each of his works delighted with its harmonious form, selection and saturation of colors, as well as unique technique. The master's paintings will be a perfect wall decoration, for example in a cozy bedroom or a living room open to guests. But it will also work well, for example, in the reception hall of a hotel or a restaurant serving French dishes. It is worth placing them in the central place of the room and providing additional lighting that will highlight the unusual details of the work. The multitude of colors will look especially good on smooth walls. Colorful wallpapers will only disturb the harmony and distract attention from the Frenchman's paintings.

Paul Signac paintings on canvas

Paul Signac's painting is the best reflection of what the neo-impressionists wanted to say about the world. There is order and harmony there. Each brushstroke is well thought out and the colors are selected to match each other more than perfectly. In perspective, there is not even a hint of subjectivity. The theme was dominated by landscapes, both urban and those where nature plays the main role. Paul Signac also provides quite a challenge for our eyes in his paintings. As the creator of pointillism, he creates new forms with very closely spaced dots or lines. Only from a certain perspective do they take on the shape of a single face, a colorful tree, a building or a surface of water. Paul Signac's works are not only extraordinary craftsmanship and precision. It is also a timeless addition to the interior design, which will add an artistic note to any space.