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Screens are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Thanks to the large variety of motifs, you can easily match the screen to any interior design! At bimago, you will find, among other things, traditional and classic room dividers. These additions allow you to separate spaces and make the interior more harmonious. Room dividers in the classic style are maintained in white, grey or beige shades. You can opt for subtle plants, imitation bricks or dots! The classic-style room divider is suitable for both homes and commercial premises.

Classic Partition

There are some elements of interior design that can be trendy, stylish, practical and classic at the same time. Our room dividers dedicated to the elegant interiors have all these qualities. They can help you separate two spaces from each other and create a place for relaxation or a bit of privacy in every room. At the same time, they look spectacular and is there anything more classy than a room divider like the ones used decades ago? In the bimago collection, you can find a whole variety of different screens that will help you organize the space the way you want it to look. Choose a classic room divider for your living room, bedroom, office or any other interior that might need some additional space. The choice of colour schemes and patterns will let you match a room divider to your interior style and needs. Even if you don't have a need to separate some space in your room, but you are simply looking for a unique accessory, such a screen is the right option for you.

Classic Wall Divider

In bimago, we always want to ensure that everyone has a chance to find suitable decorations for their houses. Our room dividers are available in various patterns and sizes. You can choose a screen consisting of three or five elements. Once you do not need a room divider any more or wish to change the design for some time, you can fold a room divider and place it next to a wall to make a unique decoration out of this practical item. A classic room divider is a perfect choice for any room, no matter the style. It will look perfect in a minimalistic, romantic, Scandinavian or contemporary interior. Pick a pattern that speaks to you the most and create a marvellous, unique space that will delight your family and guests who come for a visit. You can be sure that the room dividers in the bimago collection are made of durable materials with care for every detail so that they will adorn your interiors for many years to come.