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Wallpaper in bedroom

The bedroom is our place’s most intimate sphere, a safe haven where we relax and gather strength to face the next day. It is also a place where we get closer together than anywhere else. Therefore, we should create an arrangement of our bedroom that will give the interior a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

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Luxury and cool master bedroom wallpaper

One of the most important aspects of an arrangement are walls. They should encourage you to stay in the bedroom as well as bring some good energy there at the same. Of course, not all of the bedroom walls need to be covered in wallpaper, you may well cover just on one of them, e.g. using an interesting wall mural. The combination of different ways of decorating your walls will surely look great.
Today's selection of wall murals and wallpapers is vast, and a little review of their quality deserves a minute or two. These are some ideas for bedroom wallpaper that will fit in even the most sophisticated spaces.

Grey, rose, pink, purple, blue, gold or green bedroom wallpaper

See some tips how to arrange bedroom with wallpaper in your favorite colours:

  • Gray wallpaper for bedroom goes great with the bedroom or living room. It creates a gentle decoration that thanks to its universality fits almost any arrangement. Gray-colored wallpapers may differ in shades - they are light, dark, cool, warm - and the density and clarity of the pattern. Thanks to this, gray is not boring, on the contrary! Grey bedroom wallpaper beautifully emphasizes the elegance of the room and fill it with peace and harmony.
  • Pink wallpaper in bedroom can be subtle and delicate, intense and energizing. They can introduce a pinch of romance or a taste of glamour to your bedroom. It all depends on what shade of pink you choose. One thing is for sure, no matter what kind of pink you choose, it will give your interiors a unique atmosphere! Bright shades of pink captivate with delicacy and subtlety. Stronger shades, fuchsia for this instance, adds dynamics and expressiveness. Pink bedroom wallpaper offers a riot of colors and a variety of prints in your bedroom. Numerous shades of pink wallpapers from our rich collection will allow you to choose it for any style and any arrangement.
  • Gold as a wallpaper idea slowly moves in to modern interiors. And it’is not limited to the classics. A new edition presents gold in shades of aged copper or pink. Properly selected rose gold bedroom wallpaper will have an extraordinary impact on your bedroom feeling. Multiple ideas for this colour on your wallpaper proves that it’s not reserved exclusively for glamour style. Not at all. It also fits nicely in modern and minimalist rooms.
  • If you want to bring a climate of relief and calmness to your interior, blue wallpapers is the name of the game. Why? Because this is known for its blissful and calming effect on our mind. It is not a coincidence that blue (and green) symbolises peace and safety from the dark powers in many cultures, including two very influential: Orthodox and Islam.
  • Blue and azure encourage rest and relaxation. In addition, light blue bedroom wallpaper makes the living room or bedroom seem more spacious and brighter. The blue color of the walls corresponds perfectly with neutral colors such as beige and light brown, which additionally warms it. It should be remembered that blue is a cold color.
  • If you want to go a bit crazy with your bedroom decor, choose a strong accent in the form of purple wallpaper bedroom. People who like expressive interiors will definitely like it this way, but in order not to overwhelm the room with an excess of one colour, we recommend placing this type of wallpaper on one wall - for example, behind the sofa. Another interesting option for those who are not afraid of bold interior design solutions are original navy blue wallpapers combined with gold colors in a modern geometric version, thanks to which we will get an intriguing effect in the interior.

Black and white wallpaper for bedroom

Black and white wallpaper for bedroom can never go wrong. It is an unbeatable color combination that stylists, architects and fashion designers from all around the world just adore. It is a pure joy for all graphically sensitive people and art lovers! If you want something unique, discrete and flexible, our black and white wall murals can be exactly what you are looking for. Black and white is timeless and at the same time sophisticated and versatile. Replenishing it with a bit of gold or copper on furniture or other decor features looks great. Adding a bit of grey, deep green works perfect as well. What is your favorite black and white pattern? The beautiful of a big city skyline, or maybe exquisite marble? Find what is close to your heart and place it on your walls!

Galaxy or floral wallpaper for bedroom walls designs?

Galaxy as a bedroom feature wallpaper theme has been extremely popular for quite some time now and it’s probably due to the combination of those extraordinary colours, present in the outer space. The space whirlpool motif can be widely found in design these days. It is on clothes, accessories, phone cases and decor. In our view, galaxy bedroom wallpaper however, deserves to be in the center of attention for much longer than just these few months of a trend. It is in fact a delightful and completely unique decoration feature that will transform any interior beyond recognition! Living room, kitchen, bathroom or teen room - there is no room where the galaxy wall mural could look unfavorably.
Now, floral wallpaper bedroom is a different story. Applied in a modern interior, can look incredibly elegant. Applying this theme will refresh our bedroom and give you sense of comfort. It will also be an eye-catching and element of decor, perfect for a place like bedroom.
These are just a few possibilities, but it really depends on the tastes and style adopted in the interior. The choice of wall murals for the bedroom is so wide that you can choose something suitable for every style.

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