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Graphic design posters

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Graphic prints

Hanging graphic and artistic posters proves to be a fascinating way of forming a unique and highly individualistic character in a room. Such decorations look wonderful where minimalistic style with modern simplicity take the centre stage. It is because the image on the wall itself may make up for the whole interior design. Graphic art prints, and especially their small framed versions, allow you to make a special wall gallery which will look perfect in a living room, a long corridor or your office.

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Illustration posters

Illustration posters belong to this particular category that cannot be described in one simple sentence. They include not only the simple, minimalistic drafts, modern or even postmodern drawings, but also geometric patterns and abstract projects. What tells them apart is the production technique, their main themes and colours. But there is also something that links them together – it is their spark of originality. Without a shadow of a doubt, illustration posters produce an effective change in any place they are hung, and they have the power to express the hosts’ artistic taste.

Graphic posters with modern design

Every single print is deeply expressive of emotions, but there are two categories that shine most in the limelight. These are geometry and abstraction. One of the most popular themes illustrate people, plants and all kinds of combinations with triangles, squares and circles at their core. Graphic prints with female and male characters as well as images with animals prove to be a hit in a bedroom or a home office. Pictures that work wonders with their choice of colours will be ideal elements of living rooms, teenage bedrooms or even clubs. As for baby rooms, you can go for images with animals or simple, geometric compositions.