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Minimalist Posters

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Minimalistic art prints

Minimalism is an art movement that has been catching our attention without a break since the 1960s. Thanks to its precision and transparent design, the style enjoys good popularity around the globe. As we are well-aware of its unrivalled reputation, bimago presents you with the newest minimalistic posters. Among dozens of our products, you will find something special for your carefully designed home.
When we carry out a new design project, we always keep in mind that it is quality and not quantity that matters. And this is why our prints depict simple motifs. The main focus of minimalist posters is put on simplified figures and basic shapes. This way, they will look good in rooms inspired by Scandinavian style. The dominant colours are black and white, so our posters seem to be quite unobtrusive. But it is exactly this feature that lets them assimilate themselves quickly into the surrounding minimalist decorations. Short slogans put against a metallic background are also good ideas. For example, Live Simply. Such mottoes create a light and cosy atmosphere at home. You can also complement your simply-designed room with a mysterious poster called Minimalistic Flower. Marked contrasts and universal design patterns will work well in both classic and modern interiors, including Scandinavian-styled rooms.

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Minimalist posters ideas

The simplicity of minimalism is highly acclaimed in the whole world. That makes minimalist decorations a good idea for a present. The harmonious and universal patterns make it possible for you to hang our art prints in any room you choose. For example, take the Botanic Minimalism poster. It will look good in a number of different sceneries: in a white scandi living room embellished with flowers as well as in industrial lofts. Thanks to its simple motifs, our poster will be perfect for a child. Why not teach a kid how to appreciate harmony and elegance from the early years? Minimalist posters come in handy when arranging the kid’s kingdom. As there are so many different pattern designs, it will be easy to replace one art print with a new one when the child has grown up.