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Shoji screen is a beautiful and practical decor feature that can be folded in seconds, and its panels fold down at the touch of a finger. Japanese room dividers will be perfect for almost all styles and functions: as office, bedroom or living room screens. They can be used to separate a study area or to isolate any confined space. If looking for something modern and referring to the traditional Japanese style for your place, look no further and choose a bimago Japanese room divider.

Japanese Room Divider

Asian culture has known the folding shoji screen for centuries. It has been used by emperors as well as the common people of Japan and China. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for any living space. Regardless if it's a long, five-part screen or a compact three-part one it is always easy to move around and rearrange your interior in a minute or two. The japanese room divider has been a part of the western interior design for some time now and has become a crucial element of various schools of design. Modern, simple interiors are the ideal place for a japanese style room divider. Choose a toned, pastel image from bimago's rich collection to adorn the room and create a small, personal space for your laptop or library. Vintage design also loves japanese dividers. Just match the color with your room and enjoy the privacy that a japanese divider wall provides. With a japanese style screen you will divide the room in the blink of an eye. Delicate by design, japanese dividers beautifully screen off the unwanted details of your living quarters such as shelves filled with books, wardrobes and the like. Slightly transparent, japanese screen room dividers are a good means of gently obscuring windows without losing the light that they provide.

Chinese Room Divider

Chinese dividers are a great idea for inside use as well as for your garden or balcony. Joined with flowers and wicker furniture they can create a lovely backdrop for your everyday activities. With bimago's vast choice of motifs you will surely find the perfect theme for you. Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, every room setup will benefit from a stylish chinese folding screen embellished with a beautiful image of your choosing. We use only the best canvas and natural wood to make sure that our shoji screen room dividers are durable, safe and always meet your expectations.