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The Island Story~Art Collection~

The Island Story

A warm breeze blows our hair, and the waves hitting the shore keep calling us a swim in the crisp azure ocean. Hot sand warms our feet, and palm trees flutter in the wind. The air smells different here, and time flows slower ...

Feel like it's the first day of your holiday on a tropical island: when all the most exciting things to experience are at your fingertips, and the greatest adventures are still ahead of you. Ready for a tropical trip? Let's begin

Don’t Count The Days. Make The Days Count Muhammad Ali

Summer decorations Feel the holiday atmosphere

The upcoming holidays and the holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to look for summer decorations for our interiors: both our households and flats and summer homes. Home decorations inspired by the atmosphere of holidays and summer relax can be combined in an interesting way with passion (we especially recommend paintings by numbers with the sea motif) or popular trends (such as Boho paintings).

Ornaments for the summerPaintings, posters and wall murals

Summer home decorations can be both large-format ornaments (e.g. Scandinavian photo wallpapers, bringing a lot of bright colours into the interior), and smaller, but tasteful accessories (e.g. boho-style posters). However, sunny, full of light and green patterns inspired by tropical climate will bring us the most into the holiday atmosphere. If you are looking for ideas for an original summer decoration, The Island Story collection will surely give you plenty of inspiration!