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Paint by numbers pop art


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Painting kits Pop Art from bimago are an amazing way to take a break from your smartphone or laptop and redirect your energy to the artistic and relaxing process of creation! As not everyone is an artist with a talent or education, the best option is to choose a graphic that includes guidelines and clues, just like painting kits from our collection. Paint your wall decorations without much effort, no matter if you have any prior experience. Colouring sets are also a great gift for your close ones!

Warhol paint by numbers

Popular art or “pop art” for short is one of the most appreciated kind of art. Widely available, often depicting well known symbols and everyday activities shown in a new, exciting light, the vast majority of modern pop art paintings is virtually universal and will be great in any interior out there. With a pop art paint by numbers from bimago's rich collection you can do more than bedeck a wall. It's a process. You could say that it's a magical process. You devote some of your free time and in return get hours of creative fun. And it really doesn't have to be hours at a time! When you spent just 15 minutes a day after work or before bedtime you can see that process even more clearly as the little spaces on the canvas come to life with the vivid colours that you've given them!

With a choice as huge as ours, you can start with basic paint by numbers pop art sets, where the spaces are medium size. We guarantee that when you finish such a painting and take a look at the final effect you will want to go further with more complex art. Commercial spaces specially love pop art. Get yourself a pop culture paint by numbers from our website, sit back, relax and smear that canvas with the right hues. When finished, you will probably sit in front of it for some time in awe. We understand that at bimago. Then you can finally place your wall decor on the wall regardless if it's your bar, restaurant, club, beauty salon or even a dull office. Just imagine a painting by numbers pop art bursting with colour hanging on an office wall or above a receptionist’s desk. Another awesome idea will be paintings of well knows brands producing for example soft drinks hanging in a bar or club. Households are no less of a great environment for pop art. Animals sketches in hundreds of ways, movie star portraits, posters from the 70s, the list goes on and on. Just sit back, choose the right one for you, order and in a few days’ time your adventure with art begins!