Self-adhesive wall murals - a creative way to refresh your furniture



Do you want to give your furniture a second life? It's easier than you think! To refresh furniture that has lost its former shine, you don't need to replace fronts or paint bodies. Simply cover them with a trendy self-adhesive wall mural from Bimago, and the final result will surely surprise you positively. We offer a variety of wall decoration motifs that fit the latest trends, among which you will surely find something for yourself. Save time and enjoy furniture that looks like new!


wallpaper for furniture

Creative and enjoyable furniture wallpapering

Renovating furniture with wall murals is a way to combine pleasure with utility. It can be a fun activity to invite your loved ones to, allowing you to share your ideas. Conducting a furniture makeover can bring a lot of satisfaction and encourage the search for new, unique solutions. It is also a way to develop your manual skills.

A simple way to create a unique and personalised piece of furniture

A wall mural on the doors of a sliding wardrobe or on shelves allows you to customize your interior fittings to your preferences, so that it reflects your style and personality. This makes your furniture truly unique - no one else will have anything similar! And all this can be achieved at a very low cost!

Wallpaper for furniture

Wall murals are commonly associated with decorating walls in rooms, but their possible applications are much more varied. They also come to the aid of those looking for an interesting way to refresh furniture, without the need for complicated and time-consuming work and incurring high costs. In such cases, self-adhesive wallpapers for furniture, which you can easily apply to selected surfaces without using glue, work perfectly. There are countless ideas for using wall murals to refresh furniture. With them, you can transform the look of a wardrobe or a large chest of drawers by covering the entire front surface of the furniture or just selected parts with a chosen decoration. Self-adhesive wallpapers for furniture are also an interesting way to beautify an ordinary coffee table, a child’s room desk, or a bed in your bedroom.

Add style to furniture with wallpapers

Do you want your furniture to look stylish and extraordinary? A wallpaperl on the doors of a sliding wardrobe or a shelf will certainly help you achieve the desired effect! In the Bimago collection, you will find a variety of motifs that will restore the beautiful appearance of your furniture and delight your eyes. Landscapes, botanical motifs, modern abstractions - these are just some of the possibilities. All our self-adhesive wallpapers for furniture, designed based on current trends, combine great aesthetic qualities and high-quality craftsmanship.