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Butterfly paint by numbers






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Paint by numbers cat and butterflies

Those mesmerising butterflies. Everybody enjoys the meeting with a colourful butterfly and with bimago's painting by numbers butterfly you can have one of them in your personal space every day! The palette of colours that their winds are bedecked with is truly astonishing. And here's where the magic begins. You can create your own, vivid butterfly with a butterfly paint by number kit from our collection! Bit by bit, fill those spaces with paint and see your delicate butterfly come to life! It really couldn't be more easy. The canvas is ready to use, pulled over an eco-friendly, wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces. The numbers correspond to the numbers of colours of the paint which is included in the kit. Depending on the complexity of your painting, you get the right brushes, big ones for the bigger spaces and the tiny ones for those details.

Just sit back, relax and see your butterfly paint by numbers grow! Be it just a hard day at work or any other stressful experience, with a butterfly paint by number kit from our collection you can forget about all of those problems and at the same time create a priceless work of art! And for years on end, you can rest your eyes on your own, unique work of art and reminisce about those peaceful moments while painting that beautiful butterfly. Such a painting is virtually universal. Any space you place it, it gives it an airy, fresh feel that makes the room feel more spacious and positive. Be it a living room, a bedroom or all kinds of commercial spaces like bars, restaurants or pubs, a painted image of a colorful butterfly is an awesome idea for any interior. That airy feel that butterfly paint by number kits can provide is truly priceless. Even a dull office can come to life with a simple butterfly. And just think about it – it's your butterfly! You have filled those spaces with the colours that are included in the kit. You have spent those hours delicately smearing the canvas with paint. And finally, you can feel the satisfaction when you walk by your painting!