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Paris paint by numbers






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Eiffel Tower paint by numbers depicts the most famous architectural landmark of Paris that can find its place at your home now! You don't need a passport to grab a souvenir from the city of lights! You also do not need visas and tests. All you need is this pattern and a cup of cold water. Bimago would like to offer something for creative people looking for new inspirations and an interesting way to spend their free time. In our sets, you will find everything necessary to discover and feel the real magic of creating.

Eiffel tower paint by numbers

Do you love to creatively spend your free time? An image of The City of Love is what you need! Painting by numbers Paris is a collection from bimago that will let you create your own, beautiful work of art! With a Paris paint by numbers kit you get a complete set of the needed components to paint a unique piece. The canvas has outlines with numbered spaces. The colours of paint have corresponding numbers. Depending on the level of detail of your painting you get the necessary sizes of brushes. You just have to sit back for a few moments and step by step, day by day you will watch your paint by numbers Paris scene grow and come to life with all the colours and details!

Paris paint by numbers makes brilliant presents! Regardless of the occasion, if it is Valentine's Day, a birthday or any other day of the year chosen by you, one thing is certain - with a paint by numbers Paris street scene you give more than just a canvas and paint. Every minute spent in front of the canvas is a priceless gift - relax. Those casual cafes, tiny, paved streets, the Notre-Dame cathedral, Louvre and the most famous - Eiffel Tower, Paris is full of gorgeous sights. Pick an Eiffel tower paint by numbers and with your work you can adorn virtually any interior. The Tower in the middle of a wall creates an impression that the room is more spacious. This feature makes an Eiffel tower paint by number kit perfect for compact rooms and snug restaurants. Paint by numbers Paris street art is a great idea for every commercial interior that requires tasteful, delicate wall decor like beauty salons or hairdresser salons. Another excellent environment for Paris scenes are all sorts of gastronomy related spaces. The word “cuisine” itself momentarily brings France to mind with its mesmerizing, magical capitol!