Decorations inspired by Frida Kahlo: an exotic riot of colours in your home

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter of the first half of the 20th century. The artist developed her style in the 1920s and 1930s, traveling between Mexico and the United States. Her painting is an interesting combination of surrealism and primitivism with elements of pre-Columbian folklore and religious symbolism. Frida's paintings Kahlo's works are characterized by dramatic symbolism, the use of expressive lines and bright colours. The artist became famous mainly for her self-portraits. She often dealt with the topic of suffering and physical pain, as well as topics related to feminism.


The Frida Kahlo collection includes unique wall decorations inspired by the works of one of the most interesting artists of the 20th century. You will find mainly self-portraits showing the painter in colorful clothes and with flowers in her hair. Frida Kahlo paintings often express the emotions and life experiences of the painter, who struggled with illness and suffering from early childhood .Stylish wall decorations inspired by the paintings of Frida Kahlo should appeal to lovers of exotics and original motifs. Frida Kahlo's paintings will also be appreciated by people who like to experience art full of symbols and authenticity, or painting dealing with social issues.

Are you looking for an idea for a unique room arrangement that will delight with unusual colours and rich symbolism? Choose Frida Kahlo prints and create a taste of exotic corners in your four walls! Frida Kahlo decorations are perfect for interiors decorated in Mexican or boho chic style, but they can also be successfully used in other arrangements. They will certainly attract attention and allow you to express your individual style. Check out our collection of paintings inspired by Frida Kahlo's works and enjoy an exotic riot of colors in your home!