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Waterproof wall murals




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Are you looking for a stylish wall decoration in a large format that is resistant to moisture and dirt? In this case, you should go for waterproof wall murals from bimago! Thanks to a special coating, our wall murals are resistant to adverse external factors. Waterproof wall murals will look great near a sink or a cooker, next to a bathtub or a shower, and also in a child's room. A waterproof wall mural will also work well in shops and other commercial premises. We guarantee that the high quality and original colours of our waterproof wall murals will remain intact for a long time!

Washable wall mural for kitchen

The kitchen is where we prepare and enjoy our meals. When designing a space like this, it is important to consider the practical and aesthetic aspects. An elegant and original decoration on the entire wall or its fragment will be a final touch in the interior arrangement and will emphasize its function. When choosing a decoration for the kitchen, remember that the walls are exposed to various types of dirt and splashes. A washable wall mural for the kitchen will be a great idea. If you take such a decoration, you will be sure that it will preserve its high quality and intense colors. The washable kitchen wall murals will meet the expectations of people who like to go crazy in the kitchen. They work great in areas that get greasy or wet, like near the sink or stove. When getting a washable kitchen wall mural, consider delightful food themes like juicy fruits, veggies, and spices, or opt for soothing designs with coffee cups to enhance your morning ritual.


Washable 3D wall mural

Are you looking for a washable wall mural for a small room ? If so, it is worth to choose a washable 3D wall mural. Washable 3d wall murals for kitchen and other three-dimensional decorations will let you make a depth effect in your interior and optically enlarge the space. When ordering a kitchen 3d wall mural you can choose from a variety of patterns. You can choose flowers, landscapes or architecture-inspired decorations with tunnels, bridges and stairs. An interesting proposition is also a washable 3D kitchen wall mural that shows a window with an nice view in order to obtain an original illusion effect in your rooms.

Washable wall mural for bathroom

Decorating a bathroom can be problematic because of the moisture and contact with the water. Washable wall murals come to help in that situation. They are made of fabric which prevents the formation of fungi and mold. Wall mural can be installed in the bathtub or shower. Motifs inspired by nature, which will bring the freshness and naturalness to the interior, as well as motifs associated with the sea will be a perfect choice. With a waterproof wall mural for bathroom, you can be sure that you will create a nice interior that will help you relax while you take a bath ! Waterproof wall murals for bathrooms are not only suitable for bathrooms in residential settings, but also in hotel and spa bathrooms. A waterproof wall mural from our collection is also an idea for decorating a staircase and a hall. They can be used in a children room : you can remove any dirt or drawings made by your child easily. See our collection of waterproof wall murals and discover new possibilities in interior design!