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Rome Posters

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Rome travel posters

All roads lead to Rome – who does not know that proverb? Although a lot has changed since the times of the Roman Empire, the legend of the Eternal City still awakens curiosity. With our Rome travel posters, you will get a chance to visit the Italian capital city in the twinkling of an eye. Narrow alleys, curved roads and fascinating urban architecture from the ancient times – we depicted all these elements on our typographic posters. They present Rome on the macro scale, and are available in a few different colours. Pieces from our collection are perfect as a gift for a teenager, and they will also look good in your office. The city image will be a fantastic wall decoration when you put it against plain walls and surround it with souvenirs or a globe. Our posters will elegantly decorate modern and minimalistic interiors. Frame them to complement the design. They will be a constant source of travel inspiration.

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Rome vintage travel poster

Vintage posters always evoke the feeling of nostalgia, and they make us sentimental. With our vintage Rome collection, you will get a chance to pause your busy life for a second and admire the beauty of the ancient architecture instead. Our warm-coloured posters will put you in a relaxed mood, and they will subtly embellish your interiors. You can hang one of them in a retro-styled living room or a modern kitchen. Have you got a friend who has a good taste and adores the jovial atmosphere of Rome? Then our vintage posters of the Italian capital will certainly win their heart.

Ancient rome posters

We associate Rome with beautiful weather, delicious Italian cuisine and great music. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than that. Rome is a city whose history goes back hundreds of years before our era. Numerous buildings from ancient times not only attract millions of tourists coming to visit each year but they also inspire artists and film producers. Now, thanks to bimago’s collection, the most iconic buildings of the Eternal City will become the integral parts of your home! Would you like to decorate your room with a poster depicting Colosseum or Roman Forum? They will look amazing in a living room or a bedroom. Surround them with green indoor plants and matching accessories. As for our Watercolour Rome poster, it is a good idea to hang it in either a teenage room or a bedroom. Colosseum with a 3D effect will create a cosy corner, and it will optically make even a small room look spacious. When you put together the print with drawings or pop-art posters, you will get a remarkable composition. This combination will also look good in retro-styled rooms and with vintage accessories. Those who like modern style will certainly take to our monochromatic poster with a contrasting, red touch of My Dream. The red scooter in the foreground will bring out the sheer elegance of the design, making it perfect for an office or an open space at your workplace. As for the historic buildings in the background, they will grab the viewer’s attention thanks to the mature motifs and sumptuous scenery. Our poster will be a wonderful present for a new apartment.

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