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Leaf posters

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Leaf prints

The leaf motif has been dominating interior design trends for several years. Whether in the form of a wallpaper as the main decorative element, or a poster or picture, which is a more sublime, yet distinctive interior decoration. Leave posters are a wall decoration that bursts with energy. They match boho or oriental style interiors perfectly. Floral themes from the bimago poster collection will satisfy the tastes of domestic as well as exotic plant lovers. Leaves posters are a vibrant and energetic decoration. Do you want a modern interior to feel more alive? Leaves in vibrant shades of green on wall posters will surely bring a feel of freshness and vitality to your living room or bedroom. On the other hand, monochrome botanical compositions from the bimago collection will perfectly highlight the harmony of your interior. The "In the shade of leaves" poster will perfectly accentuate any contemporary interior, and thanks to the wide choice of sizes, styles and frames the poster of your choosing will become a perfect decoration tailored to your individual needs.

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Tropical, green, botanical

Products from the bimago offer are a collection of unique autumn leaf themes in shades of noble brown and sepia depicting exotic tropical leaves such as fern, monstera or palm trees. The posters are saturated with plant greenery, depict XXL themes, rescaled and realistic photos of leaves, as well as geometric compositions. Nature combined with artistic expression brings us to the world of botanical posters that complement the most fashionable patterns. The botanical trend in interior design brings a gust of freshness to every modern apartment.

Banana leaf print

Modern interiors are mostly filled with monochromatic shades of grey and white. Green leaves bursting with colour presented on a poster are a perfect solution if you want to bring life to your living space. For such decor ideas, we recommend graphics depicting ferns or the designer "Exclusive Nature" poster. The multitude of patterns and shades offered by bimago posters will help achieve the ideal interior design of even the most demanding customers. Autumn leaves will be perfect for rustic interiors. Here we recommend the "September dusk" poster. In addition, a green leaf print looks and feels good in tandem with precious metals, such as gold or brass. If framed in a golden or brass frame, it will create a perfect contrast between static nobility and tropical energy which will instantly fill your living space.