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Fashion wall art

Fashion posters will make those who follow world fashion trends jump for joy. In bimago’s vast collection of art prints, you will find both single fashion posters and specially designed poster sets. What you choose depends entirely on you and your home interiors. Each and every print from our series of fashion wall art will add a unique and trendy feature to your room, that’s for sure! Put a few posters together in a hall to create an original collection of fashion prints that will grab the attention of anyone who visits.

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Fashion art prints

Coco Chanel, Miuccia Praca, Christian Dior – who has not heard about these remarkable fashion designers at least once in their lifetime? For fashion industry fans, these names symbolise the ultimate fashion perfection and taste. In bimago’s collection, there are fashion art prints that were designed to pay tribute to famous designers. The Coco poster is available in several colours. The designer's name presented in a simple graphic print together with a motivational quotation will breathe a fashionable life to your home interiors. Apart from various colours, you can also choose a frame for your Coco Chanel poster. The same applies to Dior or Prada prints. The last one is characterised by some more avant-garde and vivid colours. You can be sure that our fashion art prints will be real treats for the most fashionable among us!

Fashion posters framed

Apart from the prominent designers, fashion aficionados cherish the most important fashion magazine in the world – Vogue. We prepared a series of vogue posters to meet their expectations. When put in an elegant frame, they will vividly remind the readers of the cover of their favourite journalistic source of inspiration. With our stylish prints hanging in fancy frames, fashion aficionados will feel like in Anne Wintour’s office!